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I love folksy but i dont think im very good at it!

Its my one year anniversary today, exactly one year since i opened my folksy shop, ive added alot of listings over the year, but hardly any sales.
I share the posts to twitter, facebook and instagram, i dont join in with that much on the facebook networking pages, mainly because i suffer from fibromyalgia and i cant keep going until 10 at night.
So, how do you network exactly? Thanks

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Not sure that I can fully answer your question but you could have your social media links in your profile so people can find you :slight_smile:
I run British Crafters which is a good place to build up network friends who support each other.
Just popped something on the FB page for you :slight_smile: and tweeted a link to your shop too!

Come over and join us, it will be a start for sure! Dottie x



I am fairly new to this too. Don’t give up. Have you posted on any group pages that relate to your awareness bracelets such as Fibro or Autism on FB? or chronic pain groups on FB? I think it takes time. The forums on here are great and offer lots of advice. People are very encouraging to me when I have been unsure of my work.
Maybe do a small leaflet too that you can hand out to people pointing them to your page?
Sorry I can’t be more helpful as still learning, But you have a niche market with your items so that is good.


I’ve just had a look at your facebook page and seen lots of ‘look what you can by in my shop’ type posts which if I was following you would make me feel like I was being spammed and put me off paying any attention to your facebook feed. (apparently facebook also limits the reach of posts which feature certain words including things like ‘shop’, ‘buy’, ‘sale’ as they want you to use their paid for adverts) It might seem counter intuitive but maybe try doing fewer of that type of post and mix in some other things - tempt people with pictures of works in progress, photos of commissions and deliveries of new materials (I’ve sold things before they’ve been made because someone’s fallen in love with a new stone). Try reading the folksy blog articles on social media - here’s the one on facebook

there are also ones for twitter and instagram.


I just added a comment to one of your Facebook posts. Every little helps :slight_smile: xx

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Hi, I think it’s just a case of constantly learning really and changing and developing.
I had a look at your shop and things like this would put me off;
Basically just the title. I almost exclusively buy online (I hate shopping) and I love buying handmade things. But I also expect it to come across as fairly professional and would be put off it it wasn’t. So things like this title may seem super simple but would actually put me off buying. I think a big part of buying handmade online is how the seller comes across. It’s creating an image of yourself and your company and people love getting to know sellers on a slightly more personal level.
As someone has already pointed out- selling online isn’t just constantly selling your product on every facebook/Instagram update. I also instantly unfollow people who do that and know a lot of people who do the same. But if you post photos of just stuff going on on your life, places you’ve been, works in progress, even just playing around with ideas etc etc you come across as much more personable and people like that.

Hope that’s not too negative and hopefully helps you. :slight_smile: I’d keep at it though! You’ll get there!!


Congratulations on reaching your year 1 anniversary. I’ve been selling on folksy for a few months so I’m new to online selling too. I also have fibromyalgia and find it really hard to keep up with making new stock and still have energy for promoting.
I agree with the comments people have already made, that you need to come across as personable so sharing in progress shots and talking about how and why you work will make people feel more comfortable and like they are buying from someone they know and trust.
I started to write a blog last summer which I find is a great way to reach out and share parts of my creative life with people of like mind. It takes more energy than say, instagram but you can take your time and write a post bit by bit. That way you can share something more meaningful and in depth than most other social media.


Hi sorry to here your not selling your items are lovely congrats on managing a year I have just pinned a few of your items on Pinterest and liked your shop just keep showing and shareing As much as you can good luck don’t give up :blush::two_hearts:

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Thankyou all, really helpful and much appreciated xx

Thankyou i’ve returned the favour xx

I don’t have anything on my shop at mo but hope to get something on soon Thankyou x

Hang in there! I’ve found a perfect gift in your shop :slight_smile:

yes try some posts that talk about what you are doing, making, asking how people are doing, just saying hello isn’t the weather so cold to day so glad I’ve a nice hat to wear.

It does help people to go to your posts.

Also I have noticed that your items only have one photo and many people shopping online love to see more photo’s so they can get a real feel for the item. for example the sparkly chokers you don’t show the back how it does up.

Also one of your charms is all silver metal so isn’t easy to see for some people when it’s been photographed on a grey spotty background it blends in too much. You need a background where the charm really shows up. Remember some people don’t have great eye sight and they might be looking to buy a present for another person.

I don’t really personally like facebook much or twitter but I do try to use them, just don’t post on them every day. That’s a key thing don’t bombard people with loads of posts so don’t worry if you only post a single post twice a week.

Have you join craftjuice that helps there is a Craftjuice thread in Showcase part of the forum that will help you.

Have you joined in the some of the showcase threads this is where we promote each other’s work as we all have different contacts so when you share someone’s work with your contacts they’ll share your work with their contacts which means you and the other person reach further working as a team rather than on your own.

Have you tried googleplus? yet

Remember it’s not about spending hours and hours every day. but 5 minutes a day doing a little post on just one site at a time otherwise it becomes hard and you end up over tired and having less time to create. Also you run out of things to say.

I hope some of that helps and all the best

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I have a Fb page to promote my shop and it does help. I don’t join in as much as I ought to with networking, not good at pushing myself forward, but yesterday I was asked to join in a 7 day challenge, so I might try. You just have to showcase an item each day for a week and nominate others to join in, I wondered if anyone here wants me to nominate them? xxx