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Loosing my mind today

(Pauline Hayward) #1

I was trying to send an email to hubby and for some reason I sent it to a topic on folksy. So not sure whose going to get that but when they do they’ll think I’ve gone mad. So folksy admin if you get this weird email from me just ignore it.

(Sarah Lambert) #2

Glad it’s not just me Pauline, think more coffee is required!

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(Pauline Hayward) #3

I think it should be something a little stronger, that way if it knocks me out I can’t do anything stupid again.

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(Sarah Lambert) #4

Haha- I have wine :smile:

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(Donna) #5

Did I hear wine??
Pauline @PaulinesCrafts I wouldn’t worry too much. I regularly go to google something on my iphone but text it to someone instead lol :expressionless:

(Amberlilly) #6

Haha! I’m sure they will have a giggle!!

(Joy Salt) #7

I once sent an internal email to my team at work but accidentally sent it to all my customers instead…oops. Had to eat humble pie / ask them please to delete without opening. I’m pretty sure 50% of them read it anyway and were amused but fortunately there was nothing bad in there just not intended for them. I shuddered to think what I could have sent :slight_smile:

(Pauline Hayward) #8

You could say mine might be a bit embarrassing because it mentioned something about my own website, so when folksy read it they might not be too happy.

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(Eileens Craft Studio) #9

Aww Pauline we’ve all done it sent an email to the wrong person. I did that with a text ment for my hubbie once ooppps :blush:

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(Roz) #10

A friend of mine regularly sends me texts intended for her husband. Usually when she’s not too happy with him!

(Joy Salt) #11

Bet that can be quite amusing :slight_smile:

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