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I need help coming up with a name!

(Donna) #1

I made an aftershave balm recently and it’s just come back from the cosmetic chemist so I want to list it. The only problem is, I can’t think of a good name for it. It’s made with lavender, cardamom and sandalwood and smell very much like Boss Bottled Night. Any ideas for a good name?
Donna x

(Eileens Craft Studio) #2

Sorry I’ve no idea however whatever you decide do not use Boss or Bottle Night as that would get you into trouble with Boss.

(Donna) #3

I’ve thought of that, but now when I sit down to write out the listing the only name I can come up with is Night, because i know I can’t use it lol

(Karen Ellam) #4

I always struggle to name new listings.

How about Dark Musk or Twilight for Men
Sunset Spice, its quite tricky isn’t it?

Just double check they aren’t already used somewhere. Its a minefield these days isn’t it !


(Ronald Koorm) #5

I think you need to work out who exactly is your target market.

Some men might look for a ‘manly’ name, (eg " Stud Balm ", no , only joking ! ) but probably most will not want that at all. I don’t use aftershave, but I understand there is a sizeable market out there for such products.

You could incorporate some aspect of the type of contents in the name, but avoid it sounding feminine. Also, you could use words which imply freshness, or morning freshness. But toothpaste and other products also go down that route, so you need to be careful how you use it. Or, go down the natural products / nature route. Can you get ‘organic aftershave’ ?

A good idea is to look at the competitive products out there and see what their USP is, and learn from that.

(Donna) #6

Yes! Stud Balm, that is the name :smile:
I think Morning Fresh is a washing up liquid Ronald @Rkaimages :wink:
I have gone for All Natural Fresh Aftershave balm for this one.
But will be pinching twilight and sunset spice for other balms if you don’t mind Karen :slight_smile: I think Dark Musk already exists, is it an Avon one?
and here it is :smile:
Donna x

(Christine Shephard) #7

How about After Dark - uses a bit of aftershave and sounds a bit mysterious :smile:

(Donna) #8

I like that Christine :slight_smile: I have to invent some ore aftershaves now to go with all these names lol

(Marg) #9

How about Dark and Sexy, or the current word Grey and Sexy if you could use the “Grey”. Marg.

(Iguana49) #10

Shades of Night??

(Ronald Koorm) #11

Great name, but is there an ‘a’ missing in ‘Naturl’ or is that intended as a marketing thing ?

From a distance without blowing up the photo, looks a bit like a cross between lemon curd and beeswax. Hey, how about an edible balm tasting of lemon curd ? ! Might even be tempted if it tastes good !

(Diane Burton) #12

Be careful using the word Twilight (especially if you sell in USA) I seem to remember one of the artists on here using the word twilight in a painting title as that was the time of day it was depicting but got into trouble with the company making the ‘Twilight’ films at the time (they thought she was trying to associate her product with their films!)