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I need help

(Oh Button Me) #1

This is not a moan about how its not fair and get loads of complements (I’m not a fan of those type of threads on forums)

I’ve been on Folksy for a while and I had a sale last in June :+1:

I have just started to do better photos in my shop and different angles and trying to make my shop looks better.

I spend so much time on Folksy trying to make it look more eye catching to potential customers.

But when I look at the views there usually around 6-7 a day (and most of the time I think there me viewing it)

I do twitter and instagam and come on here to take part in chat.

But not sure if I’m doing it all right :confused:

And I know its a lot of work and time and effort but sometimes it’s very disheartening when all that time and effort doesn’t get noticed.

(Kelly) #2

Hi Nicole @OhButtonMe,
I’ve just had a look inside your shop, one thing I would do is add more tags to your items. I looked at your felt bat decoration where you have the tags 'bat, home, hanging, decoration.

Pretend your a potential customer looking for a felt bat decoration. Would you type the single word ‘hanging’ into the search? Highly unlikely.

How about things like:

Halloween Decoration, Handmade Bat, Hand Stitched Bat, Felt Ornament, Halloween Ornament, Bat Decoration

I can’t see anything wrong with what you have listed but making good use of your 15 tags will definitely get your more views. I know anyone would much prefer sales over views but if people can’t view your items then you’re not going to get any sales.

Hope I’ve helped a little. x

(Oh Button Me) #3

@tagpress thank you for your reply yes you have helped :blush:

i shall go back through them and try and sort the tags out.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #4

I would agree about the tags try to use tags that you would use to find one of your items try to think like a customer.

Are you only using the forum, instagam and twitter?

I would say you might want to spread yourself in other social media areas as well.

Here are a list of other social media sites you might want to try out to promote your items

Here are a few you can add to your lists of places to promote your items and direct them to your folksy shop.

You have a pretty little bag can you also put a photo say with something in it hanging up or sat full on a table/chair?

I would add more tags such as child bag, tote bag, small bag, small tote, floral tote, floral bag, as these are the type of words and phrases I would type into a search to find a tote bag that was for a child or small or floral.

Don’t give up we all have months when we don’t seem to get many views or sales then when you least expect it you’ll suddenly get a sale.

I know I can get 4 or 5 sales in one month and nothing for the next one or two months.

Do you use flyers and/or business cards to hand out and do you talk to people face to face about what you do/make?
I hope some of this helps

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #5

Do you use pinterest? I find that really good for getting views.
I’m on the daily listing thread and everyone is so helpful on there.
Definitely use more tags if you can. I’m abit rubbish when it comes to tags and do find it don’t use them all cos I can’t always think of them.

I’m pretty use I’m following you on instagram. Was trying to work out how to share other peoples posts cos iv had someone share mine permission bit don’t know how yet.
Cos I think that would help all to show off each others work.

Hope some of that helps.

(Ali Millard) #6

Hi @OhButtonMe It might also be worth looking at ‘how’ you tweet and instagram. I believe that social media is about being social, so that’s about interacting with others, making your posts engaging and interesting etc not just about selling your wares and retweeting other peoples products, Ideally your tweets and pictures etc should be at least 70% interacting with others etc and only 30% tweeting photos of your products. The book ‘Online marketing for your craft business’ by Hillary Pullen is well worth a read x

(Kelly) #7

No problem Nicole & you’re very welcome. I know it can be a pain in the backside if you can’t think of good tags off the top of your head but it is actually worth sitting thinking about them, afterall, those are the words that will get your items found. x :wink:

(Teresa Bettelley) #8

That’s one of the best descriptions on how to use tags I’ve come across! I thought I was being really dopey, I just didn’t get them, but the penny has finally dropped!! :slight_smile:️Thanks!

(Kelly) #9

Thanks Teresa. x

(Jan Ryan) #10

Hi Oh Button Me, I think tags, descriptions and photo’s can be a pain to get right. Sometimes it’s difficult to get the 5 photo’s that can be used but it’s a good idea to get at least 2 or 3 showing the item from different angles, the front and back and maybe a close up. For the descriptions try and think what a shopper will ask ‘what fabric is it’? (cotton etc) ‘is it washable etc’?
Good luck, now I’m off to tweak my listings :slight_smile:

(Oh Button Me) #11

Thank you for your reply it is so helpful when sometimes all it is is a bit of common-sense that needs to be applied. :blush:

yes tags are hard sometimes as trying to think of things potential customers would use.

I also use pinterest but tend to use instagram more than twitter so only really go on twitter when its #crafthour or #handmadehour.

what is the daily listing thread on pinterest? how do i find it? @hobbitgirlie1880

I have just asked for a invite to craftjuice @EileensCraftStudio :smile:

I now have some homework to do on my shop lets hope i least get some views and favourites. slow and steady wins the race and all that.

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #12

Here the thread on here I was talking about.

You add your items and help promote everyone else’s promote their items. On pinterest, twitter, fb ect.
It’s really nice and you get to have a chat and if you need advice they try to hekp. And it keeps tally of sales for you.
Hope that helps

Definitely craftjuice. (or is it juicecraft) I can never remember.

(Pauline Vinall) #13

Hi oh button me I had the same trouble on my site , asking people to have a look at my site .
I had some good Input come back to me due to having no sales , so I took on board and am now getting a few more views and hopefully some sale .
So good luck with your site and hope you get some more views and sales.