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Major clear out

(Susannah Ayre) #1

I’m moving house in 3 weeks so my husband and I are using this as an opportunity to just get rid of everything we don’t need/never use.

Normally I just give things to charity when I have a bit of a clear out, but while we have partially done that we’ve also sold some things. Went through the drawer under the TV and made about £150 on eBay with stuff from there.
Sold at my first car boot sale last weekend too (though never again- it was absolutely terrifying!!).
And now spending today with a couple of trips to the tip getting rid of things from the garage and our old lean-to.

Have yet to start on my studio but it’s pretty organised anyway so that will mainly involve just packing things away.

Fortunately in a weeks time I break up for 2 weeks of October half term, so will hopefully just spend that time packing things up!

I am very excited though- but I’ve got to say having a total clear out is really refreshing!! I love the feeling of going through a room and just getting rid of things that have occumulated. I didn’t actually think we had that much stuff- but apparently I was wrong.

I think I am going to make a habit of having a ruthless clear out about once a year once I’ve moved. Though new house doesn’t have as much storage so hopefully it won’t be as much of an issue.

Anyone else enjoy having a total clear out?! Do you find you just end up hoarding things without realising?

(Julia K Walton) #2

Good luck with the house move and your continuing clear out!

I am a fairly ruthless declutterer (apart from in my workroom ;o) ). I found a great ebook on the subject. The author calls it the Konmarie method

What it boils down to, is that you separate everything into categories (eg, all your trousers, all your cutlery etc etc). The categories are tackled in a particular order. Then handle each piece one at a time and ask if ‘it sparks joy in you’. Sounds a bit airy fairy, but the point of it is to only keep the items that make you happy.

Of course, there are some things you have to keep whether they make you happy or not (business accounts :o( for example), but it is a good starting place.

I ended up getting rid of loads of clothes, books, even fabric, dare I say it? The local Oxfam was a bit overwhelmed with stuff, I think!

(Tina Martin) #3

Yes, love clearing out lots of stuff. We’ve recently built a conservatory & had new flooring throughout, so we had a good clear out because of that. But we have a loft full of more stuff to clear, think that may take some time.
My studio is my shed and my shop items etc are in shelving units all tidy & organised, thank goodness, just the way I like it. :slight_smile:

(Jan Ryan) #4

I’ve always been a bit of a hoarder but I decided a while back to have a mass clearout, some things went to the tip, some to charity shops and other things I’ve managed to sell. At first I found it really hard to put things on the ‘don’t need’ pile but with each subsequent clearout it gets easier and easier. It makes it much easier to to clean a less cluttered house and I actually have a bit of room in the wardrobes, I’ve still got a way to go but it’s worth it.

(Minerva) #5

I did that exercise in June! I was sitting on the couch one morning, had a look around and thought ‘there must be a better way to do things around here!’ I got up and didn’t sit down until 3 weeks later! I went through everything, every room, every corner, underneath things, on top of things…I was a woman on a mission :flushed:

Yes, very refreshing indeed. I got rid of things, I reorganised things…and I even found some things! Like 3 pairs of jeans!! One was almost new. In my defense, they didn’t fit me very well some time ago so I put them away. But now they do :smiley:

I got so much renewed energy, especially when I reorganised my studio. There is more space now. I love it!

(Gloria Dean) #6

Oh, I love moving house, and one of my favourite pastimes is de-cluttering, and re-organising everything. I do it all the time though, and my poor husband lives in dread of what might go next. Good luck with the move and the new house…exciting.

(Minerva) #7

Good luck with the move!

(Leslie Morton) #8

I recently attended an “away” day organised by my employer I only work 2 days a week now (gearing down for retirement in 450 days (and yes, I am counting by days) and one of my biggest issues are the hundreds of emails that accumulate on my non-working day. I struggle to get through them so that I can get on with other duties.

We had a speaker that explained the theory of only handling a piece of paper (or emails) once. In other words, act on the email when you first receive it. Well two weeks on and what a difference! This small change has made sure that I get everything done in a timely manner it has really worked for me and I plan to use the same concept at home and in the studio.

(Grimm Exhibition) #9

I love a car boot sale, I bought 4 fab items of clothing for £2 today.
Also there was a lady whose entire stall was craft stuff, she was very busy(I bought a bow maker for £1) so its worth taking to your stuff to sell there, theres lots of crafters about.

(Susannah Ayre) #10

Thanks for the messages of good luck!! :blush:

The clear out is almost like a mind clear out as well!! So totally understand what a lot of you are saying! It’s a great feeling- sort of like shaking away all the cobwebs!!

Fortunately I don’t have a loft (live in an apartment) so I guess not quite as much can occumulate! Haha
The garage is my husbands space- it’s joined onto the house and is where he builds surfboards- and he’s not a neat worker- so there’s seriously full car loads of things to go to the tip. Some things went today so it’s looking a bit better!!

I had a clear out of all the clothes/shoes/bags the other week so the bedroom is just ready to pack up and move. Living room is at that stage too as we don’t really store stuff as such in the living room. And rooms like the kitchen- well, you can’t really pack a kitchen up until just before you move can you?! Unless you want to live off takeaways for a week- which I don’t. Haha

Good job I’ve got 2 weeks off before I move! I don’t mind living in a house full of boxes if I’m not at work and if I know something good is going to come from it!!

And I don’t mind buying at a car boot sale- but it turns out that selling at one is scary!!! I hadn’t even gotten out of the car before people were crowding around me asking what I had- they were in my boot as I was trying to unpack things as well!! Not a fan! Only made a measly £100. Which giving the things we were selling was really poor…but I guess people don’t want to spend more than a quid or 2 at a stall and it was just going to be given away so better than nothing I suppose- never again though!!!

(Rosesworkshop) #11

“only made a measly £100” wow! I haven’t taken more than about £30 at a car boot in years! Where do you live, I’ve got a garage to empty?

(Sarah Lambert) #12

I’ve been clearing out for the last few months and selling ok on ebay.

I remember selling at a car boot years ago and charging 50p for a t-shirt, I went to the loo or to get a drink or something and a woman knocked my friend down to 20p for it! People at car boots like a bargain I guess :smile:

(Marg) #13

We had a clear out yesterday, the cubby hole, that we seem to just fill with stuff. Anyway we managed to clear out just one small plastic bag of stuff to throw away, and lots of camping stuff to go to the charity shop and my oh finally let go of his extra set of motorbike stuff, which will go to the charity shop. It still looks full, but tidier.

(Susannah Ayre) #14

Haha I felt given how traumatic the experience was we deserved more than £100. Haha we had a lot of things and a lot of decent things at that. Sold a pair of Thule roof racks which we paid £100 for for £10. That was a bargain for someone!
We’re on the coast near Newcastle- so if you’re nearby you’ll have to get to the car boot sales next year! Haha this one was the last one of the year so the regulars were saying it was pretty quiet- we all started packing up at about 11am- which I was glad for.

Have 1 or 2 more tip trips to make then I think it’s just packing up time!

I honestly feel like a child at Christmas with moving house. My current upstairs neighbours are incredibly inconsiderate & loud so can’t wait to get away from them! Haha

(Sams Gemstone Jewellery) #15

I usually have a clear out once a year. Its amazing how many times I have found things I bought to give as Xmas presents and then forgot about them !!! I am also petrified of spiders which means using the loft for extra storage is out so in a way it limits me to how much stuff I can actually hoard as I have nowhere to put it.

Good luck with the move Susannah :slight_smile: