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Wooh hooo another stop closer

to getting all my crafting boxes into their new home instead of sitting in the middle of my living room floor.

As DH is working in the conservatory on the rather large window seat that will also double as a crafting cupboard…

I already filled up the lovely chest of draws my Father in law made for me with supplies and it’s huge. He made it from all the recycled Teak he was allowed to take away for his lab when they went over to metal. He’d already made me one the same size for all my table linens and that’s full to overflowing a well.

Once this huge window sit is completed we can finish plastering the last part of our conservatory and I can get it completely organised and tidy so when I’ve guests all my supplies and projects will have homes to hid away in.

I’ve waited so long for this but I know he’ll not get it finished to day but I can now begin to see the light at the end of the extremely long tunnel.

Anyone else having issues with space ?

I did once have a craft/sewing room all nice and tidy and out of the way but I gave that up when ‘adopted daughter’ came to live with us.

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That’s awesome! I’m also having space issues at the moment, I’ve just told hubs that any books that have no sentimental value are going to charity so that I can buy boxes and use our bookshelves as storage.

Post photos when it’s done…or sooner :smile:

I do have a sewing room, but it’s pretty small and absolutely stuffed to the brim. It used to have a knitting machine in it too, in a cabinet, but I have moved that in to our very small spare room!..I would love a big space, with room to move around freely. At the moment if I want to move between my machines I have to move things out of the way!..but I manage, and it’s more than a lot of people have.

When I move I will have to give up having a dedicated work room (currently my conservatory) but my new living room is going to be massive so I will have to organise something so I can keep everything tidy. I’m not taking much furniture with me so it will be nice to start again with a blank canvas.

I have serious ‘craft space’ issues at home, I did have my own sewing room on the 3rd floor but my 9 yr old was having night terrors which had a serious knock on affect throughout the house, so we moved all the bedrooms around so that he is now next door to my room, the only problem was that my 17 yr old had to swap bedrooms and to convince him to swap I had to give up my sewing room so he could turn it into a gaming room :unamused:
I am now working from my bedroom!

I’m glad it’s not just me.

Well he’s now got haft the wood frame glued and screws are in. He’s cut every piece and made alt the joints… It’s now being clamped until the wood glue dries before he can do the next bit.

It will be bolted to the floor and the wall. then on go the doors and I have to make the long cushion that will sit on the top. The dinning table will go in front of it which is also my sewing, cutting, painting and paper making table.

I know what it’s like Emma @TheCornishCoasterCompany as my sewing/craft room was perfect everything had it’s place including my pc desk, my guitars of which I have 5 and spare single bed for guests with room for the fold up zed bed when required. Now that’s standing on the landing and my craft/sewing room is all over the house livingroom, dining room, unfinished conservatory and the loft. with my guitars where ever I can find places for them also spread around the house.

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I really wish I had space for a huge workroom. Our house has been completely taken over! The dining table is buried under the sewing machine and piles of fabric. There are boxes of fabric on the dining room floor and bags of cushion inners stacked in the corner. The living room door has an over-door hanger on it with all my finished tote bags hanging from it. There is also loads of my other stock in various corners of that room. There are boxes of fabric stacked up in front of my husband’s wardrobe (good job he’s so understanding!). Even my son’s room has 2 bags of polyester stuffing in it (he complains when he comes back from uni). We definitely need a bigger house!!

My other half has the cellar for his woodturning - it’s a bit cramped but it keeps the mess contained! Whereas my stuff is scattered all round the house. I have taken over eldests bedroom while he’s away at uni, the only problem comes when he comes home and everything has to be boxed up and put somewhere! He has to give us at least 2 days notice before he turns up, no surprise visits allowed. I don’t know what I’ll do when he comes home over the summer…

I have TWO spare bedrooms and they are crammed with stuff…if anyone comes to stay…erm…Might have to put them in the garage,…(the people not MY craft stuff …ha ha)


heheheh nice one Brenda :smile:

I’d don’t even have that option as our garage is full of car parts and bicycles lol