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I would like to change my Email address in my preferences

(Joy Salt) #1

I have a rather special email address -
. It is really really old (I used to be with Freeserve last century !) and it has the very very useful facility that I can change it to whatever I want and my emails all still get to me. I can change anything in front of the @ anyway.
I usually use Joysofglass but I can used Fredbloggs if I want and that works just as well.
I use the different prefixes for 2 reasons

. 1 . I can spam out emails I don’t want. When I register with a new
"shop" to buy something I include the shop name in my email address
and if they repeatedly email me I spam them out.

2. I filter my emails by address so Facebook goes into one folder, Folksy into another, Ebay another etc.

Are you with me so far - sorry that got a bit long-winded but I am testing this forum and every test is a good test and I’ve also had a bit of a play with formatting while I was at it …

If I could change me email address in here to prefix Joysfolksyforum then I could filter the emails to a specific folder instead of getting them all mixed up with my orders.
Joy xx

(Sian ) #2

Ah sorry - I think it has to match the email address that is registered to your Folksy account. Is that right @dougfolksy ?

(Joy Salt) #3

Thanks Sian. Was hopeful when I saw it listed in my Preferences that I could change it but then couldn’t. xx

(Helen Smith) #4

On a related matted, if we change our Folksy account e-mail address will it change automatically here or is it going to cause a disconnect?

(James Boardwell) #5

Yeah, the email address and username you have is fixed to the Folksy one - as that allows us to sign you in to the forums automatically (single sign in). @JOYSofGLASS can you filter emails based on their subject matter? That way you can filter Folksy sales order emails from marketing emails. You can do this in gmail and I presume it’s possible in other mail services.

(Joy Salt) #6

Thanks, yes I can filter in Windows XP mail so I’ve set up a Folksy Forum filter and yours popped straight in. Have to remember to do it on both computers !