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If you could share one tip with new sellers, what would it be?

(Claire Davenport) #41

Yep, like Chicita, I read this a few years ago and it has always stuck with me. It’s probably one of the most important things I read when I was starting out.

(Claire Davenport) #42

Beware the day spent on the Folksy forums! And any other media, come to that. It’s a difficult balance to strike, especially when your business is online, but time spent away from the laptop means time spent making. Time spent making means products to list. Products to list mean things for customers to buy, which is the aim of the game.

It’s obvious really, but I know I’ve fallen into the trap of being ‘all post and no product’ from time to time. There’s no point shouting about your shop in every corner of the internet if your shop is empty when people go visit it!

(Nifty) #43

yes! we’ve all read posts from people who are surprised at the end of the year to find they’ve made either no profit or even a loss.

(Miss Taylor Made) #44

That sounds like me.

I have been selling since December. Nothing has sold via Folksy but I have sold to friends of friends so I am sure my pictures can’t be that bad. Is this normal?

Anybody have any tips on promoting yourself?

I can’t decide whether it is better to sell just the picture in a mount or sell as a complete framed item.

Any tips would be very gratefully recieved.

(Martine Brumwell) #45

Create a ‘branding’ for your items that makes them unique. Think about what sort of image you are trying to create. Try to package your items in the same way, have matching business cards, use a familiar colour scheme, add a little logo label to every item - make your items stand out as being yours and something a bit different - and most of all have fun and enjoy every moment of what you do. If people can see that you really care about the things that you make, then they will come back again and again. Martine x

(Angrycatcrochet) #46

I have only started out selling my stuff online, this thread is great. I am going to re-read this to be sure I am on the right track :smiley:

(Caroline Perry) #47

Wow I love this and is s true. I’m working hard and obviously at that “I’m not good enough” stage. This saying will make me work harder and that I’m not the only one. Thanks :smile:

(Stonewarebirds) #48

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(Helen Goodinson) #49

Hi, one tip that I would share is this- learn quickly that not every one will like your work or style. This is initially hard to deal with when selling face to face. Hang on in there, because when people like your work and buy your work- you will feel on top of the world !
I remember spotting a lady in town, wearing earrings that I had made. I was so excited I spoke to her and her comments were amazing.

(Renphotographycouk) #50

Oooohh one tip that is hard. Probably: if this one venture doesn’t become a huge success for you, at least it will give you a taste for self employment. If you like all the business side of things (though probably not as much as the creating bit, but you do not get anxiety attack and break a sweat at the though of doing admin) you can try your hand at other things. The millionaires club is full of failures.

(Kate Bowles) #51

Post orders as soon as you can … speedy delivery always goes down well …

(Donna) #52

invest in one of these (or ask the ladies in the post office very nicely for one, which is how I got mine)
They can save you a fortune :smile:

(Astrid Huxham ) #53

have great clear photographs and have a buisiness plan! it generally works.

(Shellcrafts Jewellery) #54

This thread is so useful - I’ve just created an account on here and this is all good stuff!! :slight_smile:

Many thanks xSx

(Natalie Scollay) #55

Very sound advice . Im new to Folksy and my one tip would be ; to read all of the above and all of the below. This is the best" talk topic" I have found for help with my new venture here on Folksy.
Thanks all :smiley:
Natalie, Happy crafting

(Astrid Huxham ) #56

yes it does you always get a good responce.

(Jannine Neale Artist) #57

Hi everyone! I am also new to folksy and have just read this thread. Some lovely quotes and helpful tips and advice. If anyone of u would like to give me some feedback on my shop pics I would really appreciate it :slight_smile: also when some of u mention to put your work forward and advertise it do u mean to follow other folksy users so they get introduced and see it? I’m forever using my twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest accounts to broadcast my work. I also rent a space in a shop in a busy town in Wadebridge Cornwall where I showcase a bit of all of what I do… Ie cards, prints & originals. I’ve made two sales since joining two weeks ago :slight_smile: it’s a lovely feeling selling online. I’ve not made any sales on etsy as yet… Appreciate any further tips or advice. Thank you xx :slight_smile:

(Jannine Neale Artist) #58

*two sales since joining folksy two weeks ago… My sales are good in the shop I am in to :slight_smile: it’s called Winifred and Mabel if any if u are interested in checking it out to? Twitter @winifredandmabe Also on Facebook WinifredandMabel its a fab co-op of local crafts men and women showcasing and selling their work. There seem to be more of these shops popping up down here in Cornwall :slight_smile: every town should have one! :smiley:

(Andreamakes) #59

Is this very normal to make lovely things and have no customers to start with?..I’m so glad I read all these comments…I felt very alone after doing another craft fair with absolutely no financial gain…I’ll stick at it!

(Jannine Neale Artist) #60

Craft fairs in my experience can be very hit and miss… U have some lovely work in ur shop :slight_smile: defo stick at it :slight_smile: