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I'm new to Folksy and need your help pls!

(HeadbandHeaven) #1

This is my first time in the Folksy forums and l just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Sue and l have just opened my first shop selling headbands. It’s called Headband Heaven. All my headbands are made from quality yarns and blinged up with sequins.

I would love your views and opinions on the headbands, pictures and descriptions etc.

Many Thanks


(Kam) #2

Hi Sue @HeadbandHeaven! Welcome to Folksy! I am fairly new too, in terms of networking etc, so I’ll just share my thoughts as opposed to advice!
I love headbands so this to me is a fab idea :slight_smile: The one thing I would enhance are the photographs - some of them are a little dark, which makes it hard to see detail…I try and take my photos in as much natural light as possible and then edit them on my computer. I don’t have any fancy software, just the basic tools that came with it, but it makes a big difference to your photos!
I hope that helps :smile:

(CopperTobi) #3

Hi Sue @HeadbandHeaven ! Welcome to Folksy! I’m rather new too (just 2 weeks here), nice headbands :slight_smile: Agree with Kam - work on photos - I have the same problem :slight_smile: Try Fotofuze - working good for me :slight_smile:

(HeadbandHeaven) #4

Thanks so much for the feedback guys. I am working on the pictures now. I didn’t realise l had a photo editor on my PC but do now. xxx

(HeadbandHeaven) #5

Thanks so much for the feedback. I am working on the pictures now. I didn’t realise l had a photo editor on my PC but do now. xxx

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #6

Hi sue @HeadbandHeaven you have lovely headbands.
I would say list more because it will help people stay interested in your shop.,if that makes sense. I think I worded it wrong.

I would put the photos of them being worn first. So people can see them on straight Away.
Can’t wait to see other headbands.
Hope that I have helped and not sounded horrible.

(Kelly) #7

Welcome to Folksy Sue & good luck with you’re new shop. I think Dawn @hobbitgirlie1880 has left you some good advice. x

(Rhiannon Rose) #8

Hi Sue @HeadbandHeaven,
I’m new here too: but everyone on the forum has been super helpful! I’d reiterate the advice about photos - also try and come up with a different way of presenting the first picture (maybe even as simple as horizontal, not vertical). I was told a while ago that your eye gets bored by seeing too many similar images, and just passes over them all - no idea if it’s true or not, but it makes for a more interesting front page!

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #9

Your headbands are lovely, but I would recommend removing the word ‘cheap’ from your tag line. Affordable is good, cheap doesn’t sound so good. People buying from Folksy don’t expect hand crafted goods to be cheap, although they like things to be affordable, and it might make them doubt the quality of your items. Hope that helps :slight_smile:

(HeadbandHeaven) #10

Thanks hun, great advice! Will amend it now x

(Leslie Morton) #11

Hi Sue @HeadbandHeaven and welcome to the fold.

I agree wirh what everyone has said so far but would like to add one more area to work on.

Identity and branding are becoming more important for those selling online. You need to come up with a banner that works for your shop. Ideally, it should be representative of what you sell and contain good graphics. Your avatar is important too.

If you were to go into a B&M shop, usually it would have a front window and a sign across the front and the chance to be enticed by their merchandising efforts. . We don’t have that here so making your shop memorable is doubly important as our customers cannot feel, hear or even smell our shops.

You do lovely work - it deserves to be showcased. Good luck!

(Brenda Cumming) #12

welcome to Folksy…your headbands are lovely but like someone else said , I personally think they would look better if they were modelled. If you can’t find a volunteer it might be worth treating yourself to one of those polystyrene heads…they are only about £5 to buy.
I would also list as often as you can, so that people get plenty of choice…if there is always something new in your shop, then people will keep going back to see what’s new.
Hope that helps.

(HeadbandHeaven) #13

Thanks hun, very good advice and l will consider getting a model (live or plastic) lol x

(HeadbandHeaven) #14

Thanks hun, your drawings and paintings are very inspirational. I love them and will definately be favouriting your shop! I will look at my shop frontage, you are so right. I wouldn’t go into a shop if there was no hint of what was being sold x

(Leslie Morton) #15

You’re very welcome. And, thank you!