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Opinions of my shops makeover please :)

(HeadbandHeaven) #1

I have just given my shop a makeover, updating my profile and adding new pictures. I would really appreciate some feedback from you experienced sellers as l am quite new to this. I will take my time to look at your shop and am looking for some Christmas presents for my two daughters, age 16 and 14 if anyone has anything suitable!

Thanks so much if you have taken the time to read this and comment


(Karen Ellam) #2

Hi Sue

Your shop is looking good. Nice bright photos, good descriptions…
It would be great to see someone modelling the headbands for you. It just helps to see how they look when worn. :blush:


(HeadbandHeaven) #3

Thanks Karen, l will get some pics uploaded modelling them x

(Sarah Lambert) #4

They are very pretty headbands with lovely delicate embellishments. I would try and get a few more listings in your shop, and also make people aware that the yarn you use is handspun and unique, maybe mention it in your title. You could also play around with different backgrounds.

(Sasha Garrett) #5

Looking good but please bring back the photos of them (or an example) on your daughter’s head head - she modelled it so well (and that sort of thing is useful as I was trying to work out if they would work as ear warmers and a photo would let me know pretty quickly). It might also be worth mentioning in the listing if it comes from a pet/ smoke free house hold, some people would want to know in case they have allergies.
Good luck

(Julie Maginn) #6

Lovely headbands, I agree you need a pic modelling them and it just may be me but my eye went straight to the words in the background!! I’d love to see more designs & colours they are really pretty.

(Christine Shephard) #7

Yes, they definitely need to be modelled I think. And I agree that you should emphasize that they are made from hand-spun wool. The backgrounds are a bit busy, I find, but the photos are lovely and clear, and the descriptions well-written. You need to list more of them, to give buyers a bigger choice.

Lovely shop though, good luck with it :smile:

(Angela Callanan) #8

First of all I think your headbands are really lovely. I would agree with the other comments on here. I would like to see a picture of them being worn. The photographs themselves are really good but I also find the backgrounds a little distracting and think the main photo should have a plain background.

Someone mentioned allergies - unfortunately I am allergic to wool (related to the lanolin in wool). Not sure how common this is but wondering if it would be an idea to have an acrylic alternative?

Best of luck :slight_smile:

(Helen Healey) #9

Your designs are lovely and beautifully embellished - it would be great to see more of them. I’d probably echo some previous comments that the background in your main photos is a little bit busy and perhaps distracts the eye from the item itself, although the idea of having your own unique theme running through your photos is a good one. Good luck with your new-look shop. Hope all goes well. :smile:

(Helen Dale) #10

Love your banner

(Stephanie Guy) #11

I echo all the other comments.

Your photos are lovely and clear and well lifestyled but I too find the writing in the background too clear and thus a distraction - I’m drawn to writing and always try to read words that I can see, which stops me looking at the item.

Definitely have more in your shop. I love 100% natural things so it would be useful to see if, for example, “silk and angelino hand spun yarn” is completely natural or synthetic.

From a personal point of view I’d like to see some that are not sparkly, but if sparkles are your thing then that’s your thing!

It might be useful to have a custom listing with a few photos of all the different yarns you have that might be tempting - most people won’t contact you to see if you have their colour, but if they see a photo of the yarn they might do.