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I'm such a sucker!

So I went to PC world to get my laptop looked at, ended up coming away with Apple TV and paying £50 to have the laptop debugged! How did that happen! Is anyone else a mug for a sales pitch?

I have a sure-fire deterrent to folks in such shops. I either borrow my husband’s Miicrosft engineer badges or take him along to allow him to push the badges up their noses…seldom necessary, because most PC world assistants see the badges and back offI have a great aversion to cocky young sales people who glance at me and you can see their thoughts…“oldish lady? She’s a decent target ,- might be able to technotalk her into spending…” Very disappointing for them when I technotalk them out of selling!.


I have to say …Never!!! I am a nerdy bore who reads all the reviews and screws down the best deal poss! Lol! Mx

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You’re talking to a new member of RSPB because I got suckered into it when they were doing their pitch at the supermarket and I had my kids with me. :smiley:
Now I like birds (obviously!) but it was their save the hedgehog pitch that got to all 3 of us to be honest. I also envisioned that my kids would want to do more nature walks with their new reference books given as a gift on joining and fun family days at the local nature reserves in Kent.

So far the reality is the books are on the shelf and we’ve yet to visit one nature reserve. :-/


I have a healthy aversion to the ‘hard sell’

I smile sweetly, hold up my hand and say, "Not to day thank you’ then turn my back.

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Brilliant :grinning: that cracked me up

No matter who approaches me…I smile sweetly and say that I don’t handle money and THAT is what my husband is for.! It always makes them laugh and I can walk away without a problem.