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Increasing my viewings by changing shop category

(Pat Simcox) #1

Hi, I have recently added 3 journals to my shop and the only shop category they appear in is the stationary/notebook section. I have had very few views and I think this is why. My journals are decorated with polymer clay and a very suitable for buying for a gift. Can anyone suggest how I can increase the amount of shop categories that they appear in please ?? Thank you.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #2

I t think most people search by product ie they’ll put journal or notebook into the search bar.

You need to make sure your tags and titles have the single words and 2 or 3 word phrases that people will use when looking for a journal.

You’ll get more views the more promoting you do as well.

You really do need to use all your tags, you have 15 you can use.

You also need to use all your image spots ie we can have up to 5 photos, so you can show the inside and the reverse side

You don’t say what size your journal is either that needs to be fixed. use imperial and metric sizes if it’s not A4 or A5

You do need to promote each listing as much as possible in as many different places as possible.

(Pat Simcox) #3

Ha ha ha I made changes as you suggested thanks for suggesting them. However I had a decrease in shop views by 80+ % !!! I can’t take any more photos as there is nothing else to show !!! Obviously journals are not very popular !!! Thanks any way.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #4

your tags still need work I’m afraid. You need to use words. phrases people will put into the search bar.

You still need to take a photo of the inside so potential customers can see what the journal looks like inside and one of the back as well.

Also what promoting are you doing and how often?

What social media site’s are you using to promote your listings and shop?

Are you also using word of mouth/business cards?

There’s a lot of extra’s you have to do besides creating and listing.

(Dawn Sneesby) #5

Your journals are lovely but I think you need many more items in your shop to get views.

(Susan Bonnar) #6

I sell books too and it is hard to get people to your shop. On the plus side I just faved and tweeted your brown leather journal :slight_smile:

(Pat Simcox) #7

Thank you for doing that !!! I’m glad you appreciate the difficulty we have selling journals. To be honest I haven’t got the time to be uploading photos as someone suggested of a plain journal back !!! Thanks again, I will return the favour and visit your shop x

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(Susan Bonnar) #8

Thanks! I also run British Crafters Come & join in if you like :slight_smile:

(Pat Simcox) #9

Thank you x

(Helen Clifford) #10

Though a photo of the plain back may sound silly to you because you know it’s plain, as a buyer, all I have to go on is our photos and words - I can’t pick the book up or turn it over as I could in a shop. So having photos of the back and especially the inside would really help me decide to buy. The look of the pages, the colour of and size of the lines, matter to me.

Also, you might think about your tags. I think people are very unlikely to search for ‘large owl decoration’ or ‘suit male or female’. it’s a bit of a black art, but there’s a useful Blog post with some good advice here:

Good luck. Your journals do look lovely!

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