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Inspiration to reopen

Looking for inspiration for re opening my shop. My 86 year old mum has recently had a bad fall at home, and was in hospital for a while, I closed my shop whilst we looked after her, she is back home but the fall has taken it out of here and needs lots of support, as she is no longer the Mum we have before her accident.
After thinking about closing down, l have decided to carry on, as l love what l do, but l am really struggling to press the button to re-open or pick up a piece of card to start making again.
Anyone else found themselves in this position if so how did you all get your inspiration and to start again?

I have been in the same position and it’s hard to feel creative when you have had a tiring and worrying day. I kept going as best I could and it kept me sane. If you decide to reopen just check that you can keep up with your posting times and lengthen if necessary. Good luck.

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Thank you for the reply

Hi Janet, your cards are lovely and I think you ought to press that re-open button! You may not have the time to spend on it like you used to as your mum is the one who needs you now, but you mustn’t lose yourself along the way and it will be good for you to be doing something you love. There may come a time when you have to do a lot of the work in conversations with your mum, it will be good to be able to tell her what you’ve sold or what we’ve been talking about on the forums, a good distraction from normal family stuff. I agree about making sure you can keep up with posting times and I wouldn’t take any special orders, way too stressful! I wish you and your family well xxx


Thank you for a lovely reply, you are right mum would not want me to give up, l just need the first step, will check my posting times, and do as much work as l can before hand.
Thank you once again

Two lovely replies that say it all, really. Your cards really are beautiful and it would be so worth opening your shop again. I agree, too, that crafting will be so good for your own health and well-being - especially as you are having to support your Mum. I hope all goes well with you and your Mum xx

Thank you Angela, l am planning to reopen this evening. I have had some lovely messages this has given me the motivation to carry one. Its really good to have some support from some lovely people, Thank you once again.

Glad to see you have opened your shop! xxx

Thank you good to see it open again

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