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Instagram help please

When I post a photo on instagram and I want to share it on facebook it shares on my personal page. How do you share it on your business page?

Hi, i think you need to change it from the Settings, ‘Linked Accounts’ section (found by clicking on the little person icon at the bottom right, then the cogs icon on top right).
By clicking on your linked accounts, under facebook you can select to share to your timeline (ie your personal page) or to a page you manage under your personal name).
Hope this helps


I didn’t know this was possible - thanks @bluelilymagnolia and @dianesdecoupage, once I’ve got that set up it will save some time! Do you know if auto-sharing onto fb like this limits the audience that fb shows it to?

Thanks blue lily but I think I must be stupid as cant find the linked account settings on my phone ,its a simple smart phone and cant seem to access the correct section, will ask my offspring to see what im doing wrong!

update found it! and have now changed it, thankyou!

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@StephanieGuy I’ve found that photos shared from Instagram that way get more views than photos uploaded straight to FB. Don’t see the logic in it myself but it happens consistently.


Just to warn you, IG’s sharing can sometimes be a bit buggy.

Mine sometimes posts Folksy’s Instagram pictures to my personal Twitter page - and sometimes the other way round - which is much more worrying! So I always check immediately afterwards to make sure I haven’t shown the whole of Folksy pictures of my children dressed up as rabbits :frowning:


Thanks @bluelilymagnolia , have been wondering how to do this for a while now

Interesting Helen, I will try it out and see if its the same for me!

I’ve been wondering how to do this too, so thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for asking - I’ve been wondering how to do this !!