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Instagram,what that all about?

I have been on Instagram a couple of months , although I haven’t posted very much I can’t really see how it works, I even bought an Ipad to do Instagram,I don’t even like the ipad as much as my laptop,but apparently I am the only one because everyone I talk to say “oh I love it ,I am always on mine”. So if anyone has some tips to enlighten my Instagram experience I would be very grateful. I must admit I don’t look at the people I am following so why would they look at mine?

I’ve just noticed you haven’t got an Instagram button on your page - might help a bit. I don’t find that Instagram brings in as many sales for me as Facebook does, but you can build up a following on there and it does get your products seen. Using hashtags helps to get followers. Use appropriate hashtags in a comment on your own posting and people will follow you.
By the way, I love my iPad and I would never buy another laptop - it’s so simple and easy to use.

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I’ve just followed you. Love your chess sets!

I love Instagram and have made quite a few sales through there, it’s a lovely community and very friendly and yes it’s definitely a good platform to showcase your work. :slight_smile:

Thanks Maisy, I am now following you,your dolls look great,crikey you aint half been busy.


Thanks for that Daisy, I will just have to be patient.


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Thank you Paul and yes, I’m always busy sewing :blush:

The thing with Instagram is definitely use of tags. Write a general description to your photo, then at the end add as many relevant tags as you can. If you start with a # sign, no space after it, then start writing a word, like #chess you’ll see a list of hashtags that other people have used and how many people have used it, so you can see how popular it is. Millions and hundreds of thousands are good numbers to see, but if the product is a bit more niche the hashtag would probably have thousands upwards. So for your chess sets I’d probably use - #chessboard (41,610 posts using it), #chesspiece (9443 posts using this hashtag), #chesspieces (6461), #woodcrafts (36005), #woodcraft (446307) #woodcarver (20711), #woodcrafting (13732), #handmadegift, #gift (25,929,334), #giftideas, #carving (1,349,383)… you get the idea.

When you add them after your description, it’s like Twitter. Add them all in one word, no commas. So that lot above would be - #chesspiece #chesspieces #woodcrafts #woodcraft #woodcarver #woodcrafting #handmadegift, #gift #giftideas #carving

Feel free to copy and paste onto your next photo you add to Instagram, just to see if it boosts your followers :slight_smile:


Very useful, thanks Jo.

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No worries. I should say though, I’m no Instagram expert and i haven’t been using it long myself. But I have definitely had sales from it and the hashtags seem to be growing my following. I just need to use it a bit more than I do at the mi. :wink:

You also need to engage with other people on IG. Take a look at the hashtags that Sara suggested above and leave comments and follow people who interest you. It’s not just about post and run :slight_smile:
PS. Will search you out and follow.

Thanks Jo,very interesting.

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Thanks very much.

So how do I get an Instagram button on my page Martine please?


You go to shop appearance on your dashboard and enter the URL for your Instagram account in the space provided at the bottom and then just update your settings.

Done it ,thanks again Martine.


When it comes to Instagram I have no idea…
I take photographs with a camera (not phone) and store them on my PC…
How do I post them on Instagram? Do I have to take extra pictures using my phone and upload from there?..I’m clueless I’m afraid.

Kim, as far as I am aware, you can only upload images to Instagram via a mobile device (is a phone or tablet). I personally use a camera which has WiFi to take pics so I upload images direct to my tablet which I can then post. As long as the images are on the mobile device (not necessarily taken by it) then you can upload them.

I am not sure if you could email images to yourself and then download them onto your phone or something (that seems rather long winded and I don’t know if there is a better way)

ok, thank you. I do have a Windows tablet too…maybe I can add photo’s on there using a memory card?..not sure if that would work.
I have a couple of weeks off work soon so I will have to investigate. I assume I would have to download an app…first.

Yep if you can direct download them that should work. You will need the app downloaded too from Microsoft. I have no experience with that as my tablet is android. Sometimes random googling and pressing buttons is the best way of finding stuff out!