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Tag advice wanted

I notice today that tags have arrived on the listings - yay, every little helps.
Just wondered what sort of tags might be best - single words or short phrases, I know on the other side I was advised the search would pick up more if each tag was a short phrase i.e.: red beaded necklace rather than red, beaded, necklace as separate tags but don’t know if that would be the case here too. Is there anyone out there who knows about these things that could perhaps shed some light on the subject.


Hi Roz @Rozcraftz

It’s exciting to see the arrival of 'tags’
It wasn’t there this morning when I listed a new item, so I’ve just edited it to have a look at the new feature.
We can add up to 5 tags per listing separated by a comma.


Going to check this out!!?:kissing_heart:

Oh I’m liking that! Did my pretty pink bracelet. Going to try the search now.

P.s. well I’m on the first page of searching, should’ve seen where I was before the tags, stupid me. :joy:

I just noticed the tags too…well done admin. I have just used single words but of course if we are able to use phrases we could squash a lot more in :smile:

Yes you can use phrases but then does the search look at the whole of the phrase or the individual words. e.g. if someone is searching for red scarf and I have tagged an item red wool and silk scarf, would it be picked up or would it be better to tag red, wool, silk, scarf as 4 separate tags?

Thank you for starting this thread as I listed a bag earlier and there were no tags I will now start editing listings to add tags over the next few days.

Silly question. How do the tags work

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Shouldn’t tags also include things that aren’t part of the category search terms eg terms like ‘modernist’, ‘vintage’, ‘retro’, ‘scandi’, ‘geek’, ‘nerd’? There is no other way of searching for that sort of thing but it can be an important characteristic of an item.


well you can use those terms as well if you think people will use them to search and they are appropriate to your item

Why were tags removed, as I heard they were? Or did I dream it?

I have come to thE conclusion I’m rubbish at tags.
My brain has gone blanket.
I can only think of the colours. I’ll always admit me and words have never got on.

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Dawn - ask someone to think of what words they would use to search for or describe your item - sometimes its easier if you ask someone else as they are more detached and often come up with things you wouldn’t have thought of.

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Thanks roz @Rozcraftz. That is very true.
I’ll have to find some one to ask.

Many thanks for raising this topic, Roz, I didn’t realise tags were now available. I’m sorry I don’t know the answer to your question about words versus phrases, perhaps Folksy admin can help.

Oh, hadn’t seen that they were back, do we now have to edit each item to include the tags?

I just looked and yes you do

Yes I think so - I’ve done 20, 150 to go!

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luckily my shop isn’t very full at the moment, I’m going though mine a few at a time, checked the phrase ‘red roses’ and one of mine came out on the first page so hopefully might push some business to my shop :slight_smile:

Lovely to have tags back…not so lovely that I now have 597 listings to edit in this shop, and 200 in my other shop :frowning: