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Is there a BACK TO SCHOOL section?

Sorry if this is a repeat (I couldn’t find one) but as there are ‘gift idea’ sections eg. Animal lovers, gifts for her etc I wondered if there is a ‘Back to School’ section for this time of year?

Catherine :smiley_cat:

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I don’t think there is at the moment but Camilla @folksycontent could we have one please? Oh I remember agonising over a new pencil tin each year (still have them somewhere I think).

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LOL yes, I remember the same thing, every summer holiday!! :smiley_cat:

and for me Holly Hobby rubbers and pencils!!! Now I agonize with my daughter as she chooses new stationary each summer, funny what a pencil case can say about someone!
Suzzie x

Done! Thanks for the reminder Catherine and @SashaGarrett

Here’s the guide and here’s the forum thread where you can post your suggestions

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