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Bumper Stickers & Tote Bags!

We’re really excited about this! Lots of you have asked for Folksy bumper stickers and tote bags, and we think it’s a fab idea. So we’d love you to use your amazing craft skills to design them!

Details and specs are on the blog, but basically we’re looking for eye-catching designs or fun ideas that help spread the word about Folksy. It can be a finished design or just a slogan.

Deadline for entries is Sunday 17th July and everything you need to know should be in this post :point_down:

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!


ooooo exciting - i love bags and stickers.

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This is fab, imagine how far and wide the bumper stickers will travel, and who doesn’t love a tote :slight_smile: :thumbsup:


We will have to run a thread where you post the most likely/unlikely place you find a folksy bumper sticker!
Brilliant idea,
Suzzie x

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Now you’re talking,how long after the 17th will we be ready to rocknroll?

Hopefully not too long after, James.

Oooo that’s very exciting! I spent some time with a bolster on my parcel shelf with a link to my Folksy shop on it in crocheted letters - am thinking this option might be more slick! :slight_smile:

Camilla @folksycontent, your link didn’t work for me - managed to find blog anyway but did you know you have got deadline of 17th July at the bottom of the text but in T&C’s it says competition closes on 10th July.

Thanks for the heads-up Roz. I think everything should be right now.

i had some free hours yesterday and made A Thing that i want to turn into my bumper sticker entry…

but this computering maths

“The final design will need to be CMYK, 300dpi with a 4mm bleed all the way round in either PSD, AI, PDF, JPEG, TIFF or EPS format – BUT if that’s all just too technical, we’re happy to accept ideas or even just slogans!”

is making me proscrastinate in the worst way.

Ha! Just send us a jpg! We can do the techy bit later :confused:


We’d really love some more entries for this competition - so please, please send us your ideas (before Sunday!)

hi - has the entry date changed? thanks @folksycontent

We’ve extended it to give people a bit more time, Sally.

Hi Camilla

I’m not up with all the techy stuff, but my slogan would be.

Have you shopped at Folksy ? Little people making beautiful things with love and care.

perhaps some one else can design the decals etc.


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Hi, I emailed in my submission on the 17th (deadline day! It was a close shave!) and then went on holiday. Have you got a selection of the entries posted anywhere? I’d love to see what people have designed. :slight_smile: x

We had so many fab entries! We’re going to post them all and announce the winners in the next week or two. Exciting!