Folksy Ltd

It's soo quiet

(Amberlilly) #1

What is wrong???
Why is no one even looking.
I promote, no one comes.
So sad :cry:
Anyone else in same boat???

(Kylie Tilley) #2

yep same here. . . . i don’t like it. even advertising isnt helping

(Oh Button Me) #3

My views have gone up since being in the daily listing thread but no sales since the beginning of July.

(Amberlilly) #4

We need some help!

(Kim Blythe) #5

Me too :frowning: so quiet…

(Natasha de Vil) #6

I find it very quiet over here :confused: and yes in the same boat too.

(Qteacup) #7

I was tempted to start a similar thread, in my case it’s “why is it quieter than previous years?” I know everyone says “August is the quiet month” but in the last two years I have sold 8 and 11 things in August, this year it’s 3. I promote, I have as many, if not more items listed, so what happened that made Folksy so much quieter than it used to be? One theory is that there are more items, and more sellers, so it is harder to be found, but is there another reason?

(Helen Smith) #8

August was much quieter in all my shops this year too… although overall July was much busier than usual so I guess that evens it out a bit… my shop on t’other side has woken up a bit now, just waiting for Folksy to join it…

(Marg) #9

I have been looking at the sellers numbers for quite a while. Over the last week or so Folksy seller figures went down by about 100, but they are now coming back up again. So it seems people may be leaving Folksy, I’m not sure. Money is still tight for lots of people, and most high street shops are doing their own “handmade” type of products, so that’s more competition who have lots to spend on merchandising. I wondered if being featured in the gift guides etc. make any difference to sales, as I have never been there I don’t know.
Keep going, Christmas is on its way. Marg.

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #10

I’ve been waiting all summer for the quiet season so I can have a break - it never arrived LOL!

Seriously, though, I know how frustrating it can be when sales are slow, but this forum is available for buyers to see as well as sellers. I truly believe buyers are happier buying from sellers who are confident in their shop and only say positive things about their selling experiences. Success breeds success, as the saying goes.

If you are already targeting the right audience with your products, but not getting sales, perhaps the market is already flooded in that area? Maybe think about tweaking your designs, appealing to a different audience. Businesses have to evolve to survive, and if you are doing this to make money, not just as a paying hobby, then you can’t always make what you love to make, you have to make what sells, and love doing that.

Hope that makes sense!

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #11

Being featured in gift guides is nice, but doesn’t particularly lead to more sales. Shop numbers always go down during the school holiday, and go back up by the end of September - people don;t necessarily leave, but they put their shops into holiday mode.

(Marg) #12

I suppose people will try Folksy just as they would other online sites and if sales aren’t what they expected they will concentrate on the sites that give them sales. I find that Folksy plus account is excellent value, but I am also trying craft fairs again, just to be able to meet customers and talk up my makes.

(Kim Blythe) #13

I have just checked back on last year and I had some good sales in August…about 15 items, but to be fair they were mostly bookmarks for one customer who was giving them as gifts to visitors from Australia because they were light and easy to pack…this year I sold 4 bags in August, so I probably took a similar amount of money…
Last year I had 1 sale in September and a couple in October, then November went potty and I struggled to keep on top of it!..I can only hope it will pick up again soon like last year.

(Samantha Stanley) #14

I’ve noticed my views have gone down these last two weeks but I’m not at all worried. This is mainly because personally, I’ve not done anything or bought anything at all myself during the last month that wasn’t “Back to School” orientated. School seems to take over my life at this time of year. Once the kids are settled down again at school views and sales will pick up and all the shops that are on holiday mode will come back.

Love Sam x

(CopperTobi) #15

Number of views in my place never was huge… even with all extra promo… have all together 2 sales for the same customer ( lucky me :slight_smile: ). Hope for more sometimes soon :wink:
Have a nice day!

(Kim Blythe) #16

Well, I can’t believe it…having posted on here this morning about the lady who bought a lot from me for her visitors from Australia (just 2 posts up from this one 1) she has contacted me today and asked me to make 20 sets of Christmas themed oven gloves!..she has accepted my quote and paid a deposit (all through Folksy) so now I need to order the stuff and get busy…I might not be around much for a few weeks…


(Suzzie Godfrey) #17

WOW, brilliant news. see you in a few weeks!!
Suzzie x

(CopperTobi) #18

Brill news Kim! Wish you more orders like this :slight_smile:

(Kim Blythe) #19

Thank you!

(Kim Blythe) #20

Thank you…as long as they don’t all come at once!