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Kids parties!

(Danielle Hall Nicola Malia) #1

I’ve just launched a new venture for the Violet Blossom brand - Mini Blossoms Jewellery Making Parties! I had my first booking today which is very exciting :slight_smile:
We used to get asked about it a lot at craft fairs and at one particularly bad fair I was thinking about how I was sat making no money and a party would be less hours with a guaranteed amount.
Our insurance covers it and we’re already checked by disclosure and barring for work…wish me luck!

(KLiKccessorizes) #2

Good luck, hope the new venture goes well.

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(Emma) #3

Good luck @VioletJewellery I think its amazing the way us crafters can be so versatile :slight_smile:

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(Tina Martin) #4

Good luck, great idea! :slight_smile:

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(Hands2Craft) #5

Good luck with the new venture.

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(Danielle Hall Nicola Malia) #6

Thanks all! I hope it takes off, just one every couple of months will almost double our income :slight_smile:

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(Louise Foot) #7

My OH’s colleagues OH (if that makes sense) does parties like these & they are a massive success. Invariably they get several more bookings with each party. I hope it works out great for you too

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(Danielle Hall Nicola Malia) #8

Yes it makes sense lol that’s great to hear. My business partner is a primary school teacher so I’m hoping we can capitalise on that :wink: