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Label change - advice appreciated!

(Helen Dale) #1

I think I’m going to change the way I ‘brand’ my bags. I currently use sew in labels in the seams, but I’m not sure it isn’t time for a change. I also wonder if maybe people don’t want a label on their bag which they can’t remove which says handbags by Helen. So I’m thinking of moving to some treasury tag type labels on string which can be looped over handles, through zipper pulls etc. I’d appreciate anyone’s thoughts for a bit of inspiration?

(Amberlilly) #2

Personally, if you are doing well as they are, I would be inclined to leave it. People like to show its a Radley or such like. Your bags are gorgeous, show who’s made them.

(Roz) #3

I tend to agree with Amberlilly, unless you’ve had feedback that indicates otherwise I would leave be. People love a label and they are fairly discrete.

(Christine Shephard) #4

I handsew labels to the inside of my bags, so they can be quite easily removed if customers want to, but they are discrete enough to leave in and remind them where they bought it! I personally dislike labels on the outside of anything, so won’t do that, but I know a lot of people don’t mind them and some actually like others to see their ‘designer label’ purchases. I don’t think labels affect sales though - unless you’re a big designer of course - then you can add a zero (or two) to the price :smile:

(Margaret Jackson) #5

I think your bags (and labels) are fine as they are, but an alternative would be to do as Christine suggests. Most bags I buy have the label sewn into the inside of the bag between the handles.

(Liz Dyson) #6

I wouldn’t want a label on the outside seam of a bag I bought, but I don’t think it would stop me buying it if I really liked it. If I had a choice then I would prefer the label to be on the inside.