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Large clickable picture has gone

This ones for @dougfolksy :slight_smile:
A few days ago several people on the forum noticed (myself included) that the ability to post a large clickable photo no longer exists. If we want to provide a photo that will link through to the item page we can now only do it with the small item preview style picture. Not sure that this is in your control as it is a forum feature but thought I’d ask anyway just in case we can get it back.

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Oh yes - I did this a couple of days ago but now I don’t see the ‘more…’ button in this window…

(On a PC running Firefox)

I noticed this, but just clicked on “Upload” after putting in the image location, and the photograph came up anyway…

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Yep, the photo will come up, but it won’t have the link to take you to the item x

Oh, didn’t realise that!..

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Still having the problem today. You cannot add the link which I normally attach to the picture


I wonder why nobody in admin has responded to this…

Think @dougfolksy has been down with the flu, according to another thread … sure he’ll be back on the case soon


@dougfolksy - have you had a chance to look at this issue yet please? :slight_smile:

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Another little bump for this thread before it gets lost again!

@folksycontent - Camilla, could you ask Doug if he knows why the “show more” button has disapperaed when trying to post a clickable large photo link please? :slight_smile:

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I don’t think it’s anything we can change at our end unfortunately. It looks like it’s a forum feature. Sorry everyone!

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Thanks for your reply Camilla :slight_smile: That’s a shame as it was so useful.

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