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Photos not Displaying Again

Does anyone know why the photos are not displaying in some cases? @dougfolksy can you help please?

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I posted in the forum last night and mine were showing Up then but I see they have gone now.:worried:

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They randomly appear and disappear and have dones so for about the past week.

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I also started a thread about this recently - @dougfolksy please can you fix the problem?

Hi all. I received this in an email from Folksy re: photos not displaying.

Hi there,

I’m afraid this looks like it may be a bug within the forums. We haven’t developed the forums ourselves and use Discourse forums, so it may be that we have to wait for an update from them to fix the issue, unless Doug has any other ideas when he sees the post.

In the meantime, you can use the “upload” feature to add photos to your posts (the 7th icon along when you’re posting).
If you would like this to be a clickable link, once you’ve added the photo, highlight the image code and then click the “hyperlink” icon (4th along), then put in your listing URL.

Thank you
Folksy Support

Hope this helps! Becca😊

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Thanks for this Becca it’s not a good answer is it? Let’s see what we can do though.

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