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Let's play a little game

I have seen this on facebook and thought it might be fun.
I will start a little Christmas type story and anyone can add a few sentences. There is no limit to how many times you add bits on, but try to continue the story. Please keep it clean !
Here goes…
It was December 1st and little Tommy woke up very excited. Today he could open the first window on his advent Calendar …

Tommy rushed downstairs full of excitement…

…but the Advent calendar had disappeared!

He search high and low about the house for it…

…. where could it have gone?

Tommy looked first at his sister and then at the dog…then the cat…they all looked very innocent.

Although the dog did have a sausage hanging from his mouth.


Tommy carried on looking, in the cupboards, under the stairs, on the shelves. Where oh where could it be?

And the he spotted a little purple bunny rabbit, with a unicorn type of horn on its head - was it a Bunicorn?


It must have been something to do with his little sister - yuck! Then he spotted it …

The Bunicorn was alive! And just eating the last of the chocolates out of the advert calendar…it smacked its lips with satisfaction and let out an incredibly loud burp.

Tommy was very cross with the Bunicorn but loved him a lot…what should he do to stop the Bunicorn doing the same tomorrow?..

Ah! I have an idea he said with a smile

“The Bunicorn must have been very hungry to eat all my Christmas Advent Calendar Chocolate, so all I need to do is to fins out what he likes to eat, and feed him, otherwise he might start eating the big tin of chocolates mum has got in ready for Christmas too. Hmmmm, I wonder what else Bunicorns like to eat?”

Like a light bulb, the image of what the Bunicorn liked to eat popped into his Tommy’s head - now he knew just what he needed to do, but how was he going to managed it on a Wednesday?

Tommy decided that he wasn’t going to tell his plans to his sister who had opened HER window and was sitting smiling with chocolate all around her mouth…no…he was going to do this alone!

Tommy knew that Bunicorns are suckers for home baking! But how could he bake with without his sister or mother finding out? …

First things first - he needed to hide the Bunicorn, or his sister would spot it, and the shiny purple fur would soon be smothered in chocolate coated kisses. He needed to get Milly out of the room so that he could get the Bunicorn to his room without being spotted.

“Milly, do you want to play with my dinosaurs? I bet they’d love to have a tea party with your Monster High dolls.”

Yes! Milly didn’t often get the chance to play with Tommy’s dinosaurs, let alone invite them to a tea party - she was out of the room and collecting the dinos from Tommy’s room in the blink of an eye.

Now it was time catch the Bunicorn, and as soon as Milly was settled down to her tea party, he would take it to his room and make it a little den.

Tommy took a deep breath and letting it out slowly…

armed with his fishing net he crept up behind the Bunicorn…missed it…if only he had been able to eat the chocolate from the advent calendar he would have had more energy…he took another deep breath and…

…got such a fright when the Bunicorn turned to face him and said “What are you doing with that fishing net?”…Tommy could only stand and stare. Then the Bunicorn said “Any chance of some pancakes, or a nice piece of gingerbread. I’m really very hungry”