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Christmas really has come early!

I was in a shop today buying some bleach (I know - really exciting) and I overheard a couple in front of me discussing whether they should buy some packets of Haribo at 59p each as they would make “excellent stocking fillers” - couldn’t quite believe what I was hearing! I’ve heard of people buying cards and decorations in January but sweets … not even sure they would still be in date by next Christmas.


Unbelievable! I have to admit that this year I’ve been guilty of buying half-price Christmas cards and wrapping paper but it wouldn’t even enter my head to buy presents! :smile:

I buy presents all year round as they occur to me, and then I forget that I’ve bought them and buy the same person something else. This year I’m keeping a list!

We always buy Christmas puddings in the January sales, they have very long sell buy dates.

I bought some christmas cards in the sale- I don’t usually but these had 70% off, so they cost around £3-50 instead of £11. My friend got a box of luxury crackers reduced by 70% too.

@StephanieGuy I know just a case of remembering where I store them :smile:

Haribo wouldn’t last that long in my house. We’ve got next christmas’s pudding but that is only because a friend makes them and gives us one.

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Now the Xmas pudding is a REALLY good idea! I never have time to make one in the autumn what with school etc, etc. And it’s something that only gets better with storage :smile:

Love Sam x

I love buying my Christmas Cards, wrap and tags etc in the Jan sales.
I even buy my Xmas crackers (not the edible ones lol)
It’s great saving abit of money & shoving them up the loft for next Christmas.
It saves battling the busy card shops in December.

I wouldn’t buy anything perishable though… To be honest they wouldn’t last long with my sweet tooth.

I haven’t got a lot of storage space either so it’s not easy to buy so early.