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Public liability insurace

Hello. I’m looking for advice on getting some public liability insurance so that I can have a stall for a day at a local craft fair. This will be the first time we’ve done this so we’re looking for something cheap. We also need to know if it’s possible to get it for just one day??? Any pointers on this would be a great help

Try Ian Wallace, they specialise in insurance for crafters and event organisers, not sure if they do one day insurance but might be worth a look.


Many thanks, I’ll contact them.

I think you’d probably be better off with a yearly insurance policy as by the time you’d paid pitch fees and one-off insurance for a local craft fayre it may not be worth your while.

I second Ian Wallace too

Google CMTIA but I dont think you’ll be able to get a one day insurance. I pay £50 for a whole year Through CMTIA.

I’m looking for exactly the same and just wanted one day as until I do the craft fair and see how it goes I don’t know if I want a yearly one! Have searched online for a one off but found none, did get one offer - at £45 I declined!!! So would be most grateful if you could let me know if you do have any joy. Next problem is pricing of my items… !!!

Hello. I’ve had a quote from Ian Wallace for £95 for the whole year but it looks as though there are cheaper alternatives. £45-50 for a year does not seem too bad and I might as well take one of those prices, after all, it’s all a bit of a gamble…As for pricing of items, how do you put a price on something that’s unique?..I have a look at what is similar and base my prices on that.

Thanks for letting me know, does seem nobody wants to do ‘one off’ insurance, good luck with your craft fair though, when is it??