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Limitation on offering options in listings

I want to launch a new line of product which has a huge list of options, but on trying to set my first listing I have come up against a massive constraint from Folksy.

I want to post listings for my customers where they get to choose (in this example) 10 colours.
I would like the option to list way more than the current limit of 20 options, and for the customer to click on the 10 of their choice (I actually want to be able to create listings for pick and mix 5, or pick and mix 10, or 20 or however many I want, without Folksy putting any limitations on me)

The way it is set up at the moment, I can only add 4 drop down menus with just 20 options on each drop down menu. So the customer would only be able to pick 1 colour from each of the 4 drop down menus.

I would have to list the same 20 options in all 4 drop down lists because there is no way for the customer to pick multiple colours from the same drop down menu.

This seems like a really basic way to allow us to offer options to our customers and I cannot see any reason why we are so limited in this way. There are ways that allow for a variety of offer options (radio buttons and checkboxes to name 2). Basic drop down menus are clunky and too limiting.

Am I the only seller who has come up against this limitation?

Why not use the ‘required text’ option instead of the drop down menus then your customer has to type in the colours they want?

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Back when I used to sell flowers & flower making kits I used to offer a choose your colours service where they had to send me a message with their colours (it pre-dated the options). People would say things like, ‘red, white & blue’ which you’d think was fine, except I had 3 shades of blue and didn’t do white at all…

So getting them to choose from a pre-defined list is far better!

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That might work for some, but when the name is critically important it is much better for me to provide the colour names and for the customer to click on the ones that they want.