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Updating Shop

(Amberlilly) #1

I have tried to add my Instagram details on my shop, but its not showing. Just not updating on my shopfront. It still appears on my shop appearance with the other social media details.
Any ideas?

Hello! It's me...... But where's me Instagram button?
(Angela Callanan) #2

I’ve just tested on mine. I’ve got an Instagram account but with very little on there :slight_smile: Has not worked for me either.

I’ve entered the URL in Shop Appearance but it does not appear on my Main Shop Page. My Twitter is working fine - so not sure what is wrong - maybe it takes a while?

I’ve double checked my Instagram URL and it’s definitely right.

(Ali Millard) #3

Yeah, I’ve added Instagram to my shop profile but it isn’t showing on my shopfront either

(Helen McCartney Designs) #4

Mine doesn’t work either.

(Angela Callanan) #5

Just wondering if it has anything to do with the page layout and spacing - maybe the word Instagram is too long and doesn’t fit :wink:

I’ve also noticed that all the social media links do not open in a new Tab which takes people away from your shop if they click on those links first. Think it would be better if the links opened in a new tab or window.

(Helen Smith) #6

I didn’t realise we could do this… I’ve just updated mine and it doesn’t work either :frowning: Which is a shame because there is the perfect space there as I don’t really use twitter or pinterest. Still, my info is there now for if and when it decides to work!

(Camilla) #7

I think what’s happened is that we’ve just added the Instagram field as another option in the social media channels you can link to from your shop, but it’s not live on anyone’s shopfront yet. I’m not sure when it will be visible (I’ll ask) but at least if you fill it in now it will be there once it’s up and running.

(Amberlilly) #8

Ok, thanks @folksycontent at least we know its not us! :grinning:

(Sue) #9

Oh, that makes sense, I tried several times before giving up! Thought I must be typing something wrong! I used to have a link to my blog, but I’ve removed that as I don’t use it anymore, I think it helps to show your a real person to have these links

(Rachel) #10

Does anyone know when this might be going live please? Camilla @folksycontent I know you are busy but I did wonder. Thank you