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(Jan Ryan) #23

I haven’t done anything yet, it’s been a hectic week, hoping to get something done after lunch x I think every little helps to get the Folksy name out there. :slight_smile:

(Jan Ryan) #24

I was a bit pushed for time today so I just popped one of my items on my twitter with the #folksyfriday tag. It’s so easy to do now we have the share buttons on our pages. :slight_smile:
My Twitter is if you want to pop over.

(Johanna Makinen) #25

Been a busy week for me too so no actual product to post today but I did post this on Instagram - there don’t seem to be many #folksy-friday posts on there yet, join me!

(Plumporridge) #26

Here’s my Fb post today, showing a little love for some Folksy shops from another thread.

(Bekki Stevenson) #27

I have just posted a Folksy Friday on my blog. My theme is Blue as the sky was such a lovely clear blue today

(Plumporridge) #28

I’m going away for a few days now, so I have a put a scheduled post on my Fb page for tomorrow showing a colourful selection of buttons available here on Folksy. So as I can’t add a link today, here’s a link to Plum Porridge on Facebook

(Johanna Makinen) #29

Happy #folksy-friday everyone!

(Sally Eira) #30

(Plumporridge) #31

I wonder if someone could tell me how to share my Fb post here? I can only work out how to share my page, like I did last week, not how to share what I have posted for #folksyfriday. Looks like I manage to do it a couple of weeks ago, but I’ve totally forgotten how!

(NiceVisuals) #32

Where did the week go!
Did paint some new images and will hopefully make some prints and T shirts in due course.

(Johanna Makinen) #33

I do mine by going to my post in FB, click the ‘share’ button and choose ‘copy link’. And then come back here, and paste the link into a post. Hope that helps!

(Plumporridge) #34

Thank you Johanna, I will try that next time. I’m off for two weeks now, but I will try to join in Folksy Friday my first Friday back.

(Joy Salt) #35

I thought I’d have a Folksy Friday this week so here it is :slight_smile:

(Jan Ryan) #36

I didn’t do a blog post this week but I did tag one of my items over on twitter…

(MollyMoochins) #37

My Folksy Friday post

(Jan Ryan) #38

My Folksy Friday is over on my blog, I’ve included items by @CherryBee and @beachSHACKproject

(MollyMoochins) #39

Hi Jan, I’ve just shared your Folksy Friday post on Twitter

(Jan Ryan) #40

Shared on Twitter x

(Johanna Makinen) #41

I’m some sort of social media bee today. I’ve tweeted and Facebooked today & still need to pop something on Instagram yet too…

(Johanna Makinen) #42

Well today it’s Black Friday but if you’re not already aware of the Just A Card Indie Friday campaign, let’s all get sharing it! Goes nicely with #folksy-Friday doesn’t it