Listings being recognised

So I have another question to all you lovely folksy folk. Do the admin choose what is shown in the categories for buyers. for example I have a unicorn pencil case and there is a section for unicorn lovers in the categories yet it has not been shown? or is it on rotation for products to be shown?
Thank you xx Its also happened to a bee cushion, that product was no where to be found at all on the Bee lovers guide yet i had put the appropriate tags in? Thank you xx

If the theme of the day is unicorns you have to enter the wording exactly as the monthly theme list in your tags.

If selected then down to Folksy to make the selection.

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I think you are talking about the gift guides (eg gifts for bee lovers) in which case they are selected by folksy. Folksy look for good photos when thinking about including items and they tend to use search to find items so you need to make sure you put the appropriate keyphrases in the description and tags.

Yes it sounds like you’re talking about the gift guides, which only show a selection of items on Folksy as picked by the team. It’s also important to remember they’re not constantly updated, but (depending on the theme) may just be updated a few times a year, so even if you have the perfect fit, best photographed, easily searchable items, if your items are fairly new, it might just be that the gift guide hasn’t been updated since you listed the items. .

This blog post gives a bit more detail about what sort of photos Folksy are looking for when looking for items to feature: How to be featured on Folksy

And if you regularly check the “see who’s favourited you” part of the stats page, that will also tell you when Folksy add any of your items to a gift guide, so you don’t have to keep searching through them all to check.