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Logo Word Art

I designed and made my own Joysofglass Avatar and a few other banners and bits and pieces. I used powerpoint and Word Art. MY version of Office was OLD but wonderful as it gave me an option for text of multi-colours… allowing me my rainbow text.

I thought I should make a better resolution version and I’m on my new Windows 10 laptop and now only have Windows 10 and my office is 2013 and I cannot find the rainbow or even two colour option text anywhere at all within Word Art.
Help… does anyone know where it has gone. ??

Joy it is possible (I think) - just difficult!

Heres an article that kind of explains it - go past the bit about importing it and read half way down the page.

edit: wrong font and colour spacing etc but just to show it is possible!

Roz thanks very much. Hoped there might be a font solution. I can do complicated just as long I can be a Rainbow :slight_smile:
@Orchard Felts You are an absolute star. Not checked it all through yet but just simply saved a Word document as 2003 and suddenly there I was in glorious technicolour. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
PS can’t tag you as it tags your old shop without the space and nothing with :frowning: