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What kind of cord do I need?

(PoisonedAppleJewellery) #1

HI folks, Im looking into making macramé necklaces to go with some pendants Im making. Ive bought some cord it the past thinking it will all work the same, but it doesnt.
I macramé a fastening, then to seal the ends I burn them and it melts the macramé closed, but not all cord Ive bought burns well, some not at all it just leaves charred mess.
How do I find out what the correct cord is that I nee. I know it as waxed cord, is that the right thing or is there something else?
Pics of fastening are here.

(Louise Grace Jewellery) #2

You can use a huge range of cords for macramé, I usually stick to waxed cord or hemp though. Could it be worth trying to find something called a thread zapper? I’ve never used one myself as I tend to cut the cord and use a dab of glue to seal the end but I’ve heard they are pretty good for cutting out the charring that your looking to cut down on

(Sasha Garrett) #3

If you want to melt it ideally you need to be using a synthetic cord (slinky rattail, para cord or satin cord) as cotton or hemp based cords tend to just burn/ smolder. When I’ve used cotton or silk cords I use a small dob of glue or clear nail polish to seal the ends and stop fraying.
Hope thats helpful.

(Samantha Stanley) #4

Sasha is right-you can use most types of cord for macrame (the thicker the better) but if you want to melt the ends it must be 100% synthetic. If you don’t have glue, clear nail varnish works well to bind the ends of non-synthetic cord like hemp and it has the advantage that it doesn’t yellow with time.

Love Sam x