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May 2016 Art Thread

Welcome to the May 2016 art thread

Browse, show your artwork, chat about art, share tips and techniques. Comment on specific work if you feel like it but please don’t feel obliged.

I took delivery of a new fireplace this morning…in miniature of course :joy: It needs a little touching up, but here are a couple of photos I took just now.

I think perhaps I need to make a bit of skirting board and repaint around where the fire surround meets the base, but otherwise I’m really pleased with it.


How big is it,or should I say how small? Skirting would finish a great piece very nicely.

It’s 11cm high (on a 1:12th scale that would be 1.3m). For the skirting I think I’ll just use some of the beading that I use for framing my miniature paintings, that should work well painted white to match the fire surround.

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Ahh so now we know, will you list it or is it for someone? I paint as well and can’t wait for decent weather so I can get outside for some colour sketching,do you work outside of the the studio much ?

Perhaps you can tell me,I am signed in as Gingakats Studio but my posts are seen as A talanta nine to five,this is my silver shop,do you think it is because the posting is coming from the same IP address ?

The Van Gogh copy is already listed in my famous artists section of my shop along with a few others - I write tutorials for the doll house and miniature scene magazine, this was the first tutorial of mine that was published 16 months ago :blush:

The fire place is for me so that I can display my miniatures better - I think it helps buyers to see the work in context.

I love painting outdoors but only when it’s warm! I share my sketch diary over on facebook

And of course, painting in miniature means that my studio can be wherever I want it to be - frequently that means a local cafe as I don’t enjoy my own company very much. I’m a very upbeat person as long as I have other people around me :joy:

Do you have any of your paintings around to look at?

I adore your silver and peridot leaf ring by the way

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I have a feeling that the foum sign in and the folksy sign in are different - try signing out of the forum and signing back in again?

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This is the last that I listed,it got a fav from the outside world,proof that there is life out there.


Really beautiful work James, it’s so very delicate.

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Thanks,it is nice to converse with a proper artist that paints beautiful work herself and works with brushes and paint. Was it a long and hard road to becoming proffesional?
I have been everything from a glazier,painter to cab driver and the living had to come first but now I am free to live the dream,and I am,how many can say that ?

It took me 6 years from learning to paint to teaching. I’m lucky in that I’ve been supported by an understanding husband - I was the main care giver for our children and have developed the art business alongside it. I started writing tutorial articles for the Dolls House and Miniature Scene Magazine 18 months ago and teaching in the flesh was the next logical step! I absolutely love it :slight_smile:


When your husband or partner are understanding it goes a long way,does he also paint or craft ?

It certainly does! His creative outlet is his garden, he loves growing things.

This is what I’m working on right now…


It is so worthwhile investing a bit of time in the garden and creating an environment to work in,I like the heady night scented plants,Stocks,Phlox,Roses and Honeysuckle,not to forget Lavender.
I have the slight hump because we are hosting a party in the garden and I had to mow down all my fabulous Dandelions,Dead nettles and Celandines,I try to let them flower before cutting them but couldn’t this year.
H.R.H Gingakat is waiting for his nightly cuddle,he is like Your Kevin. I named him Jonesy after Ripleys cat in the movie Aliens.


Great work folks.
I am still painting when I can but life is getting in the way a bit now.
Here is one from my shop


Hey Brenda welcome back :heart: Good job you’ve got lots waiting to list!

Just had to say how much I love your Van Gogh’s Sunflower’s Stephanie, (he’s my favourtie) :slight_smile:

Thank you Tina, they took ages to paint, far longer than creating my own work! Hence the higher price tag.

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Paid you a visit,you are good so very,very good,for the want of better words.

Good morning everyone, spent most of last month reviving my shop over t’other side and making for shop and jewellery exhibition as well as starting my workshops and been busy with mixed media scrapbooks, I have been painting, but of the digital kind an elephant for one, an apple for a school book and flowers for another, pics are below - just a tad busy lol! I finally have a date to start my new job 16th May and things are settling down around here now so hopefully I can get back to something resembling normal lol!. I have also discovered I love working with heavy textured paints and have a few new works to list yes! I know I finally got my brushes out in the last few days, will post a picture later on once I get chance to take the camera out.

Loving the miniatures Stephie and the fireplace looks great.
Great work Brenda, love the deep yellow in that one
Gorgeous butterfly James, I do love butterflies :slight_smile:
Waving hi to Tina :slight_smile: