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Men crafters vs women crafters lol


i’ve just joined folksy with my personalised christmas range and i have reached over 1000 sales on ebay

but none here as yet lol …

that said my point is why is everything illustrated with women …

us men crafters do exist you know … that’s it lol …

have a look at my stuff and let me know if women make better crafters than men !!!

come on men voice your opinions



I think it’s silly to pitch one sex against the other- we’re all individuals after all. I’m sure I’m a better crafter than some men and not as good as others (but the same would go for the women). Folksy is an equal opportunities community :smile:
Good luck with your shop!

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Of course it’s tongue in cheek , but all the adverts promoting folksy crafters etc are all women !!!

Lol Simon!

I think there is one man, if you wait for the banner to scroll around a bit.

Folksy asked people if they wanted to show them photos of the inside of their workshops for promotional purposes, and I can only assume that more women responded to their call.

As for what the gender balance is on Folksy itself, I’m not sure, but most of the chat on the Forum is from us girls! That may be your answer-the call for pix went out over the forum, but if the guys don’t follow the forum or the Twitter chat on Tues, they wouldn’t have known about it!

It’s good to talk :wink:

Sam x

I don’t have the equivalent data for folksy but 86% of the shops on etsy are run by women

if the gender bias here is as pronounced then that might explain why you are seeing so many women in the promotional materials. We are always happy to welcome more men into the fold.

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The more men the merrier :relaxed:


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That’s quite a big bias in those figures, Sasha! It looks like crafting needs more men. I didn’t want to say as much in my post without any figures to hand but I did suspect this is the case from chatting on the Forum and on Twitter.

Love Sam x

It might be a self biasing group. Etsy sent out a survey so that they could compile a state of the nation type report and I don’t know whether the 86% figure came from responses to the survey (are women more likely to respond to a survey or a request for help?) or if they mined info collected when shops were set up (I don’t recall being asked my gender when I set up) to get the figure that way. And does it become self perpetuating? If the promotional images feature women are a greater proportion of women to men encouraged to follow suit skewing the bias further and after the 10 or so years that etsy has been going you end up with a figure like 86%. Maybe we intimidate the men? Who knows but I’m sure a psychologist and statistician would have a field day going through the data and coming up with theories.

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Serious stuff … I myself am not intimidated by women … Well not all the time anyway , some terrify me come to think of it … I thought the topic might get some interest …I myself am Santa this year in my crafting world and do enjoy playing the role , when people order we have several departments run by very important elfs , the main one is chief elf …

Folksy seems to be a chatty place more so than many sites I’ve seen so I guess I’m chatting but it’s a far cry from cutthroat eBay , that said I’m doing good sales there so happy to chat to women here and make money there ?? Is that a fair comment lol …

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Ps sasha I used to be a chemist … Research one that is for a while …

I totally agree with this-the way in which statistics are gathered and the effect that this has on the outcomes of studies is a huge issue in itself. I am a great sceptic of the methods large companies use to gather data, and I agree that Etsy may well have just chosen the lazy way and just asked for a response, and in this case it might have been self-biasing. Folksy’s request for workshop picture might also have been self-biasing in the same way because the message went out over the Forum. And I also agree that it is dangerously self-perpetuating, because prospective shop-keepers might well be put off by first impressions without even knowing why they favoured one site over another.

Also, just a thought but the rainbow Folksy lettering might also be off-putting to some men. And I note that “fancy a cuppa” is highlighted in pink!

Love Sam x

There must be quite a few men on Folksy, I personally have bought from two of them in the past. And don’t forget it was sailors who started the knitting bug. Most of the top class bespoke tailors are men, years ago my mother worked for a bespoke tailor in Leeds. So welcome @junobug and best wishes for your success.

very kind and speaking as a man … it does have a very feminine feel about the place all over … ps i do like a cuppa regardless if its in pink …it doesn’t bother me but for a hard nosed business man … depends how open minded they are … i myself happy to learn any new tricks that may help promote any economic activity even if its just looking at how people conduct their business and go about it … you can always learn at least one new thing from people i find …

I think it fair to say us chaps, when compared with women, are generally better at most things; with the exceptions to this rule being child birth and washing pots…and even I can wash pots at a push!

Mmmmmm a thought provoking response there , I just knew the men would come up with the correct arguments based on our depth of knowledge, experience and don’t forget good looks… We are superficial after all.

I’m just wondering if any women have the guts to errr respond …