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Men Making Men's Jewellery

Hi all,

I am brand new to this Folksy business.

My name is Patrick and I based in Manchester,

I make men’s jewellery - I literally know no other fellas that are currently making jewellery. The name of my shop is Rough Patch.

I am wanting to know if there are other men out there passionate about making accessories for men, any tips/advice that can be given would be welcome!

Check my shop out if you get the chance - I hope to put more up and get more men interested in wearing jewellery. so please check out.


Welcome :slight_smile: It’s good to have a man making jewellery ! I love one of your necklaces which I as a woman would wear, and the woven bracelet and the plectrum bracelet is a great idea too.

Just a tip, or 2 , measurements on the listings help, also use all five photos if you can to show close ups etc.

edit- forgot to say, love the name too.

Welcome to folksy.
I’m a woman who makes jewellery but am doing my bit to get men wearing jewellery by making interesting and unusual cufflinks (most of the men I know are dapper dons and very smartly turned out but I live in Cambridge)
My top tip is that folksy crop images to square on our shop fronts or in search results so make sure your first picture is square to avoid bits being chopped off. I’d also recommend putting a few more tags in - things like unisex, men’s - should help with getting your items found, I’m still going through my shop adding them.
Good luck

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Hi Patrick,
Welcome to Folksy. I love you’re jewellery and especially like the plectrum bracelet.

Sasha @SashaGarrett has given you some good advice there, I’d take her up on it! x :wink:

Hi and welcome to folksy. I am fairly new here. I make jewellery items.I do have a good few items that are aimed at men not got that far with listing in my shop yet I tend to list them them as MENS rather than unisex as i find men more likely to buy that way, but i also use the tags option to write Unisex as woman very often seem to want the items I had designed for men.
Also if I do any craft events etc then i always make sure i am wearing some of my own made mens stuff in hopes of catching the eye of men looking at my stores stuff. It has worked a few times too!

Hello and welcome :smile:
I just looked at your braided plectrum braclet or wrist band as my brother would refer to it as . He has men wear wrist bands not bracelets. He wears beaded and woven ones.

I must say as a guitar player I am tempted buy it for myself :smile:

I would say yes use more tags think what word or groups of words would a customer use in a search bar to find an item.

I would type weaven braclet or weaven wrist band for instance or guitar themed jewellery would be another. We have 15 tags so we can play around with them a lot more now. using one word and multi word terms.

As said measurements are very important I would suggest both imperial and metric sizings are best.

Try to do more than one photo such an overall photo. Close up of different parts of the item. If you can

The cross necklace really does need more than one photo and if you can get one of those head mannequin to show off how it hangs would be good. I didn’t pay much for mine I bought it off ebay for under £10. I use mine for displaying hats.

I hope some of this helps and all the best

Hi Patrick @RoughPatch

Welcome to Folksy :smiley:

I think it’s great to see more men’s Jewellery for sale here as women have such a lot of choice.

I like the style of your jewellery too. Especially the woven bracelet.

All the best with your shop.