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Scam email - urgent warning

It looks like lots of sellers have received a scam email message from a hoax buyer using our Folksy messaging system this afternoon. We have contacted all sellers affected but if you have received this email please DO NOT reply to the email and DO NOT CLICK on the link.

It is spam and we believe the attachment is a virus.

This message is not from Folksy Support or from a genuine buyer and does not relate to a genuine order on Folksy or elsewhere.

The content will look similar to the below and will ask you to click on a link to view screenshots of the transaction:

Subject: Invalid order / Mistake Order

Hi dear seller about a few days ago,I bought your stuff, but I still do not get this position in my account, although i have this transaction in my paypal account. I called Folksy client support, they advised me to contact you attached a screenshots of my paypal and folksy accounts.

Here are screenshots:

Please help me understand about the situation.

Read the latest advice and find out what to do here >

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The fact the “customer” used PayPalLand made me chuckle


Is the message entitled ‘mistake’ with supposed screenshots of PayPal purchase details? If so I won’t open the attachment.

Just checked my emails then thought would let you know that I received a scam email. The use of the English language is very bad and there are two links to an apparent picture of their purchase and another link, deleted the email straight away.

They are also saying they put money in your PayPal account so be careful.

the email it is asking you to reply to is:

accidentally clicked on ‘screenshots’ link as tired and not concentrating and it downloaded a file which i have deleted. but advice if anyone can give it?


So glad I came across this! I was just going to ask for some advice as I received an email as well about an apparent sale, but I have made no sale whatsoever! Must be from the same person. Here’s a screenshot of the email I received

Please beware everyone! I can’t believe people are stooping that low, we work so hard on our little businesses. :rage::slightly_frowning_face:

Oh flip i just got 2 and when i clicked on screen shop it to me to etsy, obviously i didn’t sign in, i came straight here to warn people, but thank you folksy as you have already popped up the warning x

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It is. The sender is different and the subject line might differ too.

How do we know if were infected :frowning:

The first thing I would do is a full scan. Immediately.

I opened it on my phone but i’ll pop off and do a rescan on my laptop x

Just received this today also, word for word, and sent an email to Folksy support straight away.

Definitely do not download or open the supposed screenshot - it’s javascript code so won’t be a picture! Probably something more malicious.

Best thing is just check your Folksy account first for any open orders. Don’t reply to the email either because then they’ll have your email address (it’s not send via the contact form from Folksy).

I hope Etsy can find out the accounts and suspend them (temporary solution I know).

I’ve received it too, when I clicked on screenshot it said this may contain malicious virus material, so hope it hasn’t infected my computer.

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Also look at your programs if anything has been dowloaded and stayed there. You need to delete it. I so hope you don’t have problems.

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How is it that they say it’s from our folksy account though then take us through to one of our esty listings

Also look at your programs to see if anything has been dowloaded. You need to delete it. I so hope you don’t have problems.

Yes I just had one. Going to do a scan! How annoying!!

Oh no, me as Well! How do I scan an iPad for anything dodgy? Can anyone help please?
Thanx all

The email they are asking me to reply to is so looks like there are different ones.