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Elongated photos on Forum

There seems to have been a problem over the last few days with links added to the forum. The photos are all being elongated vertically and it’s impossible to make out what the items are supposed to look like. A few people mentioned it on one of the threads but it hasn’t gone back to normal. How widespread is this issue? Is it only affecting a few of us?

I’m viewing this on my laptop and the photos are showing normally for me. Are you using a mobile device? It must be frustrating to have the photos unreadable for days.

It’s fine for me - I’m using a laptop running windows 8 and using Chrome.

Everything looks normal here too. I’m using an iPad mini.

Karen x

Everything seems ok to me but I think it was @valerie who also mentioned it was like that for her the other day.

How strange that it’s not a universal problem. I’m on my phone now and all the photos look normal again. It’s only when I’m on my laptop that I have the problem. It only started a few days ago - maybe Thursday? I know a few others were seeing it too. Very odd!

Its still like that for me
Folksy have suggested I change my server and run an update but as I’m not very technical I will just wait and see if it gets sorted
Its very annoying

Well I have no idea how I change my server so I won’t be doing that! Strange. It was all perfectly fine until late last week!

OK for me, I’m on my home computer

It’s all very strange. All the new photos are now showing as square but they’ve gone teeny-sized! If I travel down a showcase thread on the forum, the photos all start off as normal squares, then they change to long vertically elongated boxes from late last week, then from yesterday they all change again to teeny-tiny squares! Only on my laptop though, they look normal on my phone. I just can’t work it out!!

Ok for me, I am on an android tablet