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Moo Business cards discount

Can anyone remember a link to Moo business cards with a Folksy discount, please?
New Year, new push to promote, so need new cards.
Thought @folksycontent did something way back in the autumn.
Many thanks Suzzie x

there are links on the folksy site to these…

camilla also mentioned in a twitter folksyhour that there are folksy business cards available with the folksy logo but not sure where these are…

oh - and thanks for reminding me - i am just about to order some and forgot about this discount : )

Thanks Sally, I remember the twitter hour as well…maybe it will come up as you design the card, stuck into Foyles War and Christmas chocolates at the mo, so will have a look tomorrow, if I find it I’ll let you know.
Suzzie x

i read somewhere that with the deal the folksy logo is automatically added - not sure though.
i’m on the chocolate liquers today : )

May I add, I used this discount recently, and I’m sure it finishes at the end of this year, like in a couple of days, so don’t delay in ordering! I hope Folksy will renew this partnership, I love my Moo cards :blush: