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Most items listed in a single day?

(Lorraine Burt) #1

What is the most amount of items you’ve listed in a single day? I’ve listed a whopping ‘10’ today and I’m still going! That may not be a huge amount to some of you but I’m just getting my shop set up and to me that’s a lot! Listing each one takes me forever, even with the copy button :laughing: x

(Susannah Ayre) #2

Haha I only ever list a max of 1 item- and that’s usually once every month to two months. Hahha so I’m one of those who finds 10 a lot! Haha :blush:

(Lorraine Burt) #3

That is probably wise. I’m on 11 now though!!! just about another 80 or so to go :scream: Love your fish tote bags btw x

(PaulsJewels) #4

I have done about 30 or so across platforms before. But they were variations on a theme, piggy banks/trinket boxes with diff design on them so yes lots of listings but able to just tweek it to make it slightly different each time.Your shop is very nice. congrats and welcome.

(Lorraine Burt) #5

Thank you, glad to be here! Wow you must have been going stir crazy by the end of that day. Thank goodness for the copy button, although even when I copy I still have to edit 50% of it, hence it still takes me forever. Love your trinket boxes x