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Muffins or pancakes?

What do you prefer …Muffins or pancakes??

Pancakes every time!

I think I prefer pancakes too.

yes i like them aswell…cinammon, lemon and nutmeg with some honey…mmmmm or lovely blackbury jam and cream!

Pancakes, lemon and sugar, or banana. Lovely. Liz

Hmm, can I throw scones into the mix?

scons are definatly in so i love jam and cream on those!!

Oooh that’s my lunch sorted, scotch pancakes coming up :stuck_out_tongue:

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I love both - pancakes with lemon and sugar or apple and maple syrup - and muffins with grated cheese
oh yummy :smile:

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Has to be pancakes too.

I love both and also scones :smile: Blueberry muffins, lemon on my pancakes and sultana scones - mmm. And all i have at the moment is Rich Tea biscuits :smiley:

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Muffins, preferably blueberry or strawberry.

Pancakes for deff with a cheaky blob of chocolate spread :wink:

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did you really make pancakes for lunch??x

Sure did, they were delicious :slight_smile:

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Well if the pancakes are savoury and filled with something like cheese and spinach then pancakes all the way pretty please :smile:

I like both but I think I have a softer spot for muffins: blueberry and banana w/ pecans…
I need to start making them myself!

I love pancakes - if you pour in the batter with some chopped apple and raisins, then as it cooks, start chopping to get little bite sized pieces. Once cooked, sprinkle with a little sugar and scoff!

Jacqueline x

pancakes all the way :slight_smile:

Pancakes. :wink: