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My biggest Folksy bill since August 2014!

(Christine E.) #1

Happy to pay it! Perhaps things are picking up… :slight_smile: Anyone else noticed any sales improvement?

(Christine Shephard) #2

Not on here, no! Mine was so small this month, I didn’t have to pay it!!

But well done on your sales :smile:

(Jo Sara) #3

Same as Christine here, no Folksy bill, but thankfully that’s only here, had my best September since starting 4 years ago, so the customers are still there :smile:

(Christine E.) #4

My bill on the Other Side was tiny. It’s funny how some sellers do well on one or the other…
Hope it picks up for everyone soon!..

(Karen Ellam) #5

I did have a teeny folksy bill for September, but it’s an improvement on the last couple of months.

Congrats on your busy month Christine @coatimundi

Let’s hope we all have a busy build up to the festive period :smiley:


(Diane Burton) #6

Mine was more than usual but that was because I’ve listed more not because I’ve sold anything :cry:

(Jo Sara) #7

I think’s it just down to where you promote to. Although, saying that, the other side does seem to run itself for me. I don’t go out of my way to promote there, it’s just on my general promoting as one link to one of the places to buy from me, along with a link to here, and my website, so that’s a customer choice. My other promoting I tend to focus on my website, and mostly use social media for that, so no surprise they are a main source of sales. If all my links were just focused on my shop here and nowhere else, it’d be a different story with sales here :wink:

(Christine E.) #8

I’m hopeless with social media. I did try once interacting with people on Facebook but didn’t really get the hang of it. I posted on my Facebook page for the first time in ages a couple of weeks ago and had a notice saying “seen by 9 people” until I asked my daughter to share it! It did feature my discount code and not that many customers used it so I’m not sure if the sales came through there. I have been promoting more on the forums and Craftjuice just lately though…
My Etsy shop can be reached through my Facebook page. I’d like to change it to Folksy but I don’t know how!
Does anyone else know?..

(Christine Shephard) #9

This year (so far) has actually been my best ever, with more sales every month compared to previous years, but most of them came from craft fairs and the shop over the pond, with very few here on Folksy. I’m not sure why that is, I’ve always promoted my shop on here as much as the other one, and I have links from my website to both, but my buyers don’t come here.

I used to think my products must appeal more to other markets than they do to the UK market, but if that were true, I wouldn’t sell so well at craft fairs! I’m not that bothered, as long as I’m selling somewhere, but it is puzzling.

(Louise Foot) #10

My sales have picked up a little since I got a plus account a few months ago, my other shop on the dark side consistently does much better. I’ve noticed my Folksy customers tend to spend much more, who knows why, pretty much all my customers are in the UK.

(Amberlilly) #11

Only about 90p, says it all really!!! Nothing here for ages. Got some commissions as word of mouth, so not completely dead. On line tho :-1: !

(Amberlilly) #12

Got some of your soap for my woofers, very nice!

(Christine E.) #13

I think I may have jinxed myself starting this thread! My views have plunged :open_mouth: