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My Folksy wish list

(Liz Dyson) #1

Dear Folksy, @sianfolksy1, I love my shop, but there are one or two very annoying things about it and I was wondering whether there was any chance that they could be looked at ?

Number 1: When we list a new item, is there any chance that it could appear at the top of the shop keeping page? It did for a while, then it went to the very bottom and now, it’s anybody’s guess where it is.

Number 2: When I copy an item, is there any chance that it could keep the collection of the original item? It keeps the “featured” status but not the collection, and because of the problem above I’ve just had to search through most of shop keeping to find the new copy as it wasn’t even with the original.

Number 3: Why don’t the newly listed items appear first on my home page? In fact the item I just listed today isn’t on the first page at all, being the 66th item and on my second page. Just wondered what the reasoning was for this?

Many thanks, Folksy.


PS. Not sure where to put this as not really a category for it.

(Brenda Cumming) #2

I would like to be able to choose which items are the selected ones at the top of the shop because when I list an item and move it to the top of the list for people to see what is new, it also appears as one of my selected items and therefore is in a prominent place TWICE…
If I was able to CHOOSE the featured items, I could also move them around each week to make the shop look more interesting.
On the “other side” (sorry admin) you can click a star that is next to each item and choose which items you want to feature and you can change them as often as you like…doing that here would be fab !

(Liz Dyson) #3

You can only chose your featured items if you have a Plus account, Brenda.


(Brenda Cumming) #4

Thanks Liz…the reason I wouldn’t have a plus account is that I cannot paint fast enough and would lose money, so it would not be a viable thing for me sadly.

(Roz) #5

It would also be nice if you were prompted to select what shop collections you would like to put an item in when you list it. I am always forgetting to do that bit…in fact you’ve prompted me to go and check today’s listings (if I can find them!)

(Nifty) #6

you don’t need to be constantly listing new things to benefit from the plus account. I certainly can’t knit something new every day, lots of plus account holders don’t do “quick” crafts.

(Liz Dyson) #7

Roz, that’s a very valid point, it would be so much easier if there was a collections box on the page when you list.


(Brenda Cumming) #8

Nifty …when they first brought out the plus account I was told by admin that I had to fill out a form that would be a direct debit and as I bank with nationwide I couldn’t do it. I asked admin if I could send a cheque each time but I was told that they couldn’t do that. I know that Margaret Louisa 15…does DD’s with Nationwide, but I think it depends on the type of account you have with them…so sadly unless admin will take a one off payment from me…either a cheque or a one off paypal payment. I cannot do it.

(Nifty) #9

that’s a pain. I know a lot of us would have preferred to pay by paypal, it helps with accounting. still - take comfort. MrNifty pointed out the other day that I’ve sold next to nothing since renewing! (admittedly I’ve put little effort in, but life gets in the way sometimes for all of us)

so - my “wishlist” would be to pay by paypal, but I know there was a good reason for admin to decide it had to be direct debit, it was to keep their costs down (and hence keep the price down) I think.

(Brenda Cumming) #10

Never mind Nifty…paying once a month suits me…:wink:

(Roz) #11

I believe folksy now charges for the plus account using Go Cardless. (At least thats how they charged me this year). Don’t think it matters who you bank with for that.

(Liz Dyson) #12

I agree with Nifty, I wish we could pay through PayPal like we used to. All my business money is in PP, so it’s a pain to have to pay out of my personal bank account, but never mind.

(Organized Chaos) #13

I agree with Roz, I too forget to go back and put new listings into collections. And another thing I’d like is to be able to put an item into more than one sub-category? I make jewellery and sometimes it’s hard to categorize a piece into just one category - it might have beaded beads, painted beads and polymer clay, all in the one piece. So, should it be in Beaded or Beadwork? Or both? Most of the time I just give up and put it in ‘All’; but it’s not ideal.

(Brenda Cumming) #14

ok,…so WHAT is go cardless…do I have to strip off for it?..ha ha

(Roz) #15

Ha ha! Can’t quite remember how it works but I know I have paid for quite a few things using it and it was pretty automated. Can’t remember being confused by it and I’m easily confused!

(Planeteventsdirect) #16

Number 1: When we list a new item, is there any chance that it could appear at the top of the shop keeping page? It did for a while, then it went to the very bottom and now, it’s anybody’s guess where it is.
**I definitely agree with Liz on that one…if i dont remember to visit the shop keeping section to add it to a section in my shop **after i have listed an item, then it does not get put into a section, which leads to it not being found in my shop!!

(Tanith Rouse) #17

My Folksy wish list would be for there to be a wish list. Recently I saw a gorgeous pair of earrings on Folksy that I dropped a mahoosive hint to my husband about. I must have been too subtle because I had hand cream instead :-/ I suppose I could have emailed the link to him, but I didn’t think of this at the time. Anyway, I remember shopping on the Monsoon website last Christmas and when I clicked on a coat that I liked a clever little button popped up saying something like “email this to someone as a gift suggestion” and I thought, what a good idea! Maybe this could be something on Folksy?

(Sian ) #18

I’m afraid not. Due to the ordering feature (being able to re-arrange items in Shopkeeping), the only consistent way to place new items is to add them to the bottom. Incidentally, new or copied items should go to the bottom and not appear randomly in the list. If not, try moving one of your items in Shopkeeping. New items should then go to the bottom. If that doesn’t work, can you please contact Support so we can investigate further?

Be aware that re-listed items are currently also being sent to the bottom, but that is a bug. Re-listed items should retain their order. We’re working on a fix for this at the moment.

We will be removing ‘Sections’ from the Listing page and adding Collections in their place. That means that you will be able to select the Collection when you list, edit or copy the item. I’ve added the request that copied listings retain the selected Collection into the ticket for consideration when this work gets done.

This is to do with the ordering feature again. New items are sent to the bottom (or should be!). You can send the item(s) to the top from the Shopkeeping page.

We have talked about possibly introducing more ways to view items on your page (e.g. by most recently listed) but at the moment, they display how they are arranged in Shopkeeping.

(Liz Dyson) #19

Thanks, Sian, I’ve never moved anything in shop keeping - didn’t realise I could - perhaps I ought to go and see what you mean?


PS. Not sure what you mean by move an item to see if the new items go to the bottom? My copied item today is half way down in shop keeping, not at the bottom, as are my 2 relists.

PPS. I’ve just moved and item and today’s listing did not go to the bottom of the page - do I need to contact support?

(Sian ) #20

Hi Liz

Sorry, items already listed/ordered earlier today will not have moved. If you list a new item now (or next time you list a new item!) does it go to the bottom?

If not, please let us know!