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My free Sum Up card reader no longer lets me make mobile payments

Hi, I got my free SUM UP card reader as part of the deal offered to Folksy shop holders. I’ve been using it and it has been great but all of a sudden the option to take Visa cards and for customers to pay via Mobile Payments has stopped working completely. Is it because they have a new PIN + terminal they want me to buy?

I had a fair today and one tomorrow and they’re only open Mon - Fri for support!

Anybody figured out how I can still use it?

Many thanks,


Hi Gemma,
I have no idea what a SUM UP card reader is or who supplies them, but I didnt want to just read and run, as far as I am aware folksy support only answers emails within the times that you have already quoted…hopefully another member will be along soon who has more knowledge about your query.


I have just tried to find out a bit more about this card reader through the support pages but the link comes up as error code 404 - page not found!

Hello Gemma,

I can’t really help as I had not used mine originally due to phone incompatibility (outdated android). I had thought that it was also windows compatible so when I inherited a newer phone just a couple of weeks ago I attempted to download the app. However everything seemed to have changed and as you say it now appears to support only the new terminal (and not windows!).

What surprised me was that there was no notification - I presumed because I had never successfully used it but as you clearly had this seems a big oversight on their part.

Sorry I can’t help but I do sympathise with your predicament.


Gemma -
As far as I know, SUM UP have just brought out a new card reader. I saw it advertised online and it has been completely redesigned. I have the old one too, but never used it. I suspect the one you have has been replaced - they really should have warned you it was to be upgraded. Not much you can do except wait till Monday to see if they will replace the reader with a new one.

Thank you all for getting back to me. I think we’re all right in assuming that they’ve upgraded it all and the card reader I’ve got no longer works but they failed to notify me! I used it for 2 events I did in November and it worked really well. If this is their customer service then I’ve no intention of paying the £59 to upgrade to their Pin+ because what happens when they change that?

Mine never worked. They phoned me to asked why I hadn’t tried it yet, then said “Oh, no, it won’t work with any of those phones…”

Sorry yours has given up the ghost!

I had oneof the sumup card readers but never got the card reader bit to work with my itouch so could only use it via the mobile payments option (used once as few of my customers had the right sort of phone). When I needed to get a proper phone and card reader to do fairs I wanted a chip and pin machine (better protection in case of fraud compared to chip and sign or mobile payments) which at the time sumup didn’t do. In the end I went with iZettle as they have a comprehesive list of phones (and appropriate operating system) that their unit works with and so far it has been very good.
For a review of the different options (and discounts on the readers) have a look at:

Given everyones comments about sumup customer service glad I’m not with them, the fees with izettle might be higher but the service is good.
Sorry this doesn’t help you with the fairs this weekend but it might be helpful in the future.

Hi Sumup have replaced the old one and are offering a new one with a discount of £20 making it £59. I bought this and it works brilliantly, it takes all cards including American Express and you get the money in your account within a few days I used it at a fair on Sunday and I’d say it has paid for itself already. It works via Bluetooth and you hand the card reader to the customer just
as you would get in a shop. I found the old free one was never very good probably why it was free . Hope this helps, good luck with your fairs Angela x

A few weeks ago I asked them if they would still support the old model as I had no intention of getting yet another new phone. They said it would still work. I haven’t had the opportunity to see if this correct because the times I’ve needed to take payments recently haven’t been mastercard (so the old SumUp doesn’t work) and I’ve used iZettle instead - or attempted to, I find it very unreliable and it let me down yet again yesterday.