Folksy Ltd

My shop does not seem to be working?

(Kimberley Medhurst) #1

wondering can anybody see my shop and the things in it?, i just tried advertising it on fb and put in a link but it wont go to my shop, what could be wrong? i typed it in the internet but can only see my shop when i actually log into folksy. it was all spelt write, i must have tried a dozen times, any one help me out??

i only have 4 months left as a plus seller and trying to get lots sold so i can start my new line of designs x

(Deborah Jones) #2

I can see it when I click on your shopping trolley link.

(Roz) #3

I copied and pasted the URL of your shop and it worked ok for me

just going to try it here

Yep - that worked ok too so don’t know what the problem is - sorry

(Christine Shephard) #4

I think you have to include the https:// bit (or copy-paste the whole url in) to get it to work on facebook. I typed mine in the other day as (as I always used to) and it didn’t like it.

(Kimberley Medhurst) #5

thanks guys, yes i mainly use that does not seem to work no more so back i go to using! x

(Helen Smith) #6

I think the problem may be the www bit, just leave it off and it should work fine using the short version of your link.

(Heather De Gruyther) #7

I had this problem a while ago with my shop too. I clicked your link, which works fine. I typed which also worked fine. I tried and it didn’t work. My computer flagged up all sorts of warnings about it not being https and not secure.
I have to say that it threw me into complete panic when it first happened to me!