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Need Help Please, Newbie Plonka.........2 Problems

(Sue) #1

Hi Everyone,

I’m pretty new and have managed to list some of my items but I have a couple of problems that I really want to get sorted before I go much further…

Problem 1 - Adding photos to forum posts. I’ve been uploading the image from my desktop, but it always ends up really big and clicking on it just takes me to an enlarged version. Now I’m not great with technology but I was thinking, should I be adding the image from my Folksy shop instead of from my desktop and, if so, do I just paste the url to my forum post or do I need to add a bit of code at either end of the url??

Problem 2 - Items in Draft. I keep having items turn up in my “drafts”, but the 3 items which have turned up so far are all listed in my shop so I don’t understand why they are in my “drafts”. If I delete these items from drafts will the listed items remain “listed”??

Many thanks for any help, Sue :slight_smile:

(Fiona Thomson) #2


problem 2, i would just ignore the stuff in draft and leave it where it is (i’ve just peeked mine for the first time ever and there’s a real random assortment of stuff from over the years :confused: )

problem 1, there are options.
you can just paste the url (no code needed), and that’ll show the image in small along with some of the listing text.

or, you can drag an image from a folder on your pc to your post

or, you can make it a big clickable photo that redirects to the item in your shop. but it might be too late in the evening for me to explain that one at the moment :wink:

(Sue) #3

Haha! Thanks Fiona. I had looked into a clickable link photo a couple of days ago and gave up on it when my brain shouted at me to do something else, so I’m happy with just a little pic to add to my posts :smiley: I’ll give your suggestion a try, thanks!

(Roz) #4

If you start a listing and get as far as previewing it but don’t actually list it before navigating away then it will go into your drafts folder so it may be you have been distracted while listing and then just relisted the item from scratch.

To do photos

  1. just copy and past URL from shop item into text box to get photo with description
  2. click on little photo image (mountain with sun) at top of text box, click on from the web and paste URL into box. This will give large clickable photo.

Hope this helps

(Julie) #5

I just HAVE to say - it was certainly no “plonka” who created the absolutely exquisite wire-wrapped pendant I received from Glitterama today - thank you Sue! Your shop is fabulous, don’t fret too much about the tech stuff - it will fall into place.

As for the draft thing, I think it (rather helpfully) creates a draft if you happen to move away part way through creating a listing, so that you don’t lose your work so far - it’s not all that intuitive though. Deleting drafts will not affect your listed items.

(Sue) #6

Oh Julie, I’m so glad you like it …I was just thinking about you 10 minutes ago! :slight_smile:

You’ll be forever in my heart as my Folksy first! :smiley: And thank you, I really did hugely appreciate you buying from me even though I hadn’t yet sold anything. Sometimes it’s hard to get a foot on the first rung of the ladder.

I think you must be right about the draft thing because I was away making tea in the middle of listing a new pendant and I only realised it was in drafts a while later.

And, thank you Roz too for the help!

(Minerva) #7

May I add to point 2…

You click on the photo image and select ‘from the web’. Go to the listing and click on the photo you want to add, then right click and select ‘copy image location’. Copy the info on top of your screen to the ‘from the web’ space.

Then click on ‘show more’ and what you add there is your listing’s link.

I hope it makes sense.

(Sue) #8

Thank’s Minerva, I will try that out today too :slight_smile:

(Lizzie Gillum, Bedfordshire, Uk ) #9

Oooo… I did Not Know That!
Thank you @Minerva!