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Need new listing categories?

Does anyone else sell items that don’t quite fit into the categories given on Folksy?

I sell clutch purses for parties, weddings etc. but can’t find a category to list them in. I only have one in my shop at the mo but I have more to list. The best option is Accessories - Sleeves and bags - everything else. Not sure how many people looking for clutches and purses will find it. Folksy could do with a ‘clutch purse’ category.

Are there any other category names that would better suit your products?

I have clutch bags in my shop and have them in the ‘handbag’ section…after all, they are carried in the hand and I think that is where I would look if I was after one.

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I thought of using that category but I’m not sure I would look there if wanted to buy one. I think of handbags as day bags rather than evening or party purses. Just had a look at your purses,they are really lovely and well made :hibiscus:

I would always use the search function if looking for something specific rather than browse the categories so (for me) it doesn’t matter which of the categories you put your clutches in so long as you’ve got the right tags.
You can suggest new categories via whilst trawling through it I found this - a web form for submitting your new category requests.
I wonder if clutch purse is a bit specific and having sub categories of day bags and evening bags would be more widely supported.

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Perhaps a ‘Bags for Special Occasions’ would be a good one if they are that type of bag. Maybe @folksycontent could maybe look at this for us?
I did have a similar problem with my dolly bags as there wasn’t really a category for them. The ones I have in my shop at the moment are aimed at Brides and Bridesmaids and there isn’t anything under ‘Wedding’ either.

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I really struggle when looking for a section for my little boxes. They’re too tiny really to be classed as jewellery boxes, but there’s nothing else so that’s where they go…

I was really really surprised to discover there’s no Stud Earring section in the Earrings category. :thinking:


Thanks Sasha, I didn’t know you could make suggestions through a form. I’ll check it out. I think ‘day bags’ and ‘evening bags’ might be a good idea.

I always think that’s odd!

Sam x