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I am about to list a new jewellery box which I have made, I have long thought that the only category that it fits in , “Bedrooms and Bathrooms” doesn’t seem suitable. I would like to hear your views on it. Not sure if I would look there if I wanted to buy one .


If I was looking for a jewellery box I would use the search function rather than browsing a specific section so for my searching habits making sure you had the right tags would make more of a difference than the category. If I was a category browser I would expect to find jewellery boxes either in ‘bedrooms’ or as a sub category in ‘jewellery’.


I have problems knowing where to list my boxes- they’re quite small, so you can’t get much jewellery in them! They are more like items of jewellery themselves, but they don’t really fit there either. I suppose I rely on the hope that people will use the word search to find the type of boxes they’re looking for…
I love your work, Paul.

I agree with the previous comments. I pyrograph heart shaped boxes and struggled with the same problem of where to list them. I assume most people make their way to Folksy looking for a particular item, so will type in and search for that item, rather than browse the endless categories. I also try to keep my tags up to date.

I think most people use a search box with the word that describes what they are looking for.

I know I do. So the most important thing is your title ie Jewellery box then what type ie wooden or painted and then to make sure you have the tags that match the words in the description title and use wider definations in your tags.

Not everything fits nicely into one category so you have to just pick the nearest one and when you go into your dashboard you can add new categories for you shop and then click on shopkeeping in your dashboard and put your item into as many of your shop categories as you like.

Hi Paul @norfolkwoodcrafts, I rarely use categories to search, I tend to use the search box for what I’m looking for.
I noticed that you haven’t always made use of all your tags. You can also use two word tags.

Your boxes are beautiful, have you thought of tagging them or naming some of them as Keepsake Boxes, Memory Boxes, Memorial Box, Treasure Chest, Jewellery Chest. :slight_smile: They can be used for so much more than jewellery. Medals, mementos, coins etc X

Thanks everyone for your replies, I suppose I am a bit frustrated at not selling anything for nearly a year now, I sold quite a few in the early days, I must admit I am not very good at marketing them and I don’t really understand the tag thing, thanks Jan ,I don’t really look at them as anything but jewellery boxes but its a good point. thanks Christine for the compliment, I can see why you have sold loads , they’re lovely.
If anyone has got any more tips on how to kickstart my sales I would be very grateful, i suppose lowering my prices would help.Thanks again


Hi @norfolkwoodcrafts Have you tried the Folksy Shop Group which is run by Maxine @paperchainsandbeads. You will find it on facebook, you just upload your item and say a little bit about it and once it is posted other Folksy sellers will like it and some share, which will give you a little more exposure. I just started using it myself this week.

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Thanks Dawn, yes I have used it,trouble is I don’t get new stuff very often and don’t like keep repeating what I have put on previous. HOWEVER, I have just listed a new design box ,first for ages and will put it on there as soon as I can.


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I think you need to look at your tags and title/description as they all count towards your ranking in the search results. I just searched for ‘wooden jewellery box’ (my knowledge of woods isn’t good enough to tell them apart) and it didn’t find any of yours! I like to get friends to search for my items to find out what sort of phrases they use, I then work those into the tags and description. I’ve just pinned a couple of your boxes, it might help but I’m not sure.
edited to add - wood is the 5th wedding anniversary present you might want to mention that in the description/ tags to encourage people to buy them as anniversary presents.

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I haven’t looked at all your item sizes etc and apologies if you already have them but what about a smaller size, maybe with a ‘jewellery box insert’ :slight_smile:

Thanks Sasha for pinning my stuff , I can’t see how I can get any more tags out of a jewellery box though, the wood wedding anniversary is a good point.


Thanks Jan,
The box I have just listed is a smaller one, and I agree it is a way to go and try.


Hi Paul. I agree with the other comments that most people would probably use the search facility rather than categories to find a jewellery box. However, it’s important to put all your items in the most relevant sub-categories as these effect the search results, ie if someone searches for ‘jewellery box’ and your item is listed in the ‘jewellery box’ sub-category’ it will show up in the search results.

@SashaGarrett is right about the tags too. If you make a few changes to your tags as well as your titles and descriptions your products will show up in more searches and be more visible on Folksy and on Google, because ‘Search’ takes all these into account, along with the subcategory.

To make your items more visible, these are the things I would suggest:

  1. Update your titles to include the words “Wooden Jewellery Box” and/or "handmade wooden jewellery box, or “hand-crafted jewellery box”, “heirloom jewellery box”
  2. Add tags to all your listings (this article explains how to do that
  3. Tweak your descriptions to include phrases and words people would use to find them.

As an example, here are some things you could try for this listing

  1. Change the title to: ‘Handmade Wooden Jewellery Box in Sycamore and Rosewood - 5th anniversary gift’

  2. Add these tags to the listing: wooden jewellery box, jewellery box, sycamore jewellery box, handmade jewellery box, rosewood jewellery box, artisan, heirloom, anniversary gift, jewellery boxes, anniversary gift, 5th anniversary, 5th anniversary gift, artisan craft, luxury gift, trinket box,

  3. Change the description to something like this:

"This handmade wooden jewellery box has been made from sycamore and rosewood in my lovely old woodworking workshop in Norfolk. It would make an ideal 5th anniversary gift.

The main body of the jewellery box has been hand crafted in solid sycamore and I have veneered the top with 20 pieces of shard-shaped San Domingo rosewood, edged with a black inlay in a classic Art Deco style. It is detailed at the corners with slithers of veneer at a dovetail angle. The entire box is finished in a silky smooth lacquer.

This decorative wooden box could used as a trinket box, a keepsake box or a jewellery box. It features a removable tray with four smaller sections to hold earrings, rings, cufflinks and smaller pieces of jewellery and two larger sections for necklaces or bracelets. The wooden tray is fitted with a carved handle, which allows you to remove it easily and reveal the bottom layer. The jewellery tray and bottom are lined with a light brown, suede-like material.

This is the first jewellery box I have made that features the “Smarthinge” – a top-of-the-range, solid brass hinge with a built-in stop, now contracted to be made in the UK.

The box measures 300mm x 160mm x 75mm. It is made using traditional craftsmanship skills and as an heirloom piece it would make a wonderful anniversary gift, possibly for a 5th wedding anniversary which is traditionally celebrated with a wooden gift."

I hope that helps.

Thankyou very much Camilla ,thats brilliant ,I will do it.