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Need some advice PLEASE

(Chelsea Carr) #1

I need to put my work on to other prducts:

pocket mirrors,
T shirts,
Tote bags,

But I don’t have a lot of money so I need to start small.

What (if anything) are you more likely to but

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(Ali Joyce) #2

Hi Chelsea
Prints and postcards, I think. Bags would be tempting too.
Good luck!

(Chelsea Carr) #3

Thank you very very much for your reply :slight_smile:

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(Dawn Sneesby) #4

I love pocket mirrors.

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(Sasha Garrett) #5

You possibly want to consider cards (the sort with an envelope) as well as postcards. I like to send people proper cards rather than postcards (its the excitement of ripping open an envelope to find something other than a bill or statement).

(Deborah Jones) #6

Cards and prints please, my daughter loves your illustrations.

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(Heidi Meier) #7

I think pocket mirrors would be good as most of us could find a reason to buy a mirror, whereas some people only for example buy cards when a birthday or other event is due (not me, I have drawers full of cards but not everyone is like me ha ha!!!)

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(Helen Smith) #8

Another vote for cards (with envelopes) and prints.

(I don’t own a pocket mirror, really don’t want to be reminding myself how much my hair looks like a birds nest too often :wink: )

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(RobinDesign) #9

Hi, I agree with cards as the least initial outlay if money is the issue. Then totes and t-shirts for me.
Have a great and prosperous day.

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(Roz) #10

Another vote for cards and prints but I prefer cards with envelopes over postcards too.

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(Diane Burton) #11

Bags would be a good idea, I always try to have one in my handbag (especially since the ‘carrier bag tax’ came in) They’re also a mobile ‘advert’ for your work (and Folksy in general if people ask your customers where they bought it from) and unlike T-shirts you don’t need to worry about having a selection of sizes. I don’t really use pocket mirrors, badges or stickers (but they might appeal to a younger market) To be honest as a cardmaker myself I think there are already a lot of cards and postcards available on Folksy so your work might be ‘lost’ in amongst the rest (I know mine seems to be sometimes :unamused: )

(Diane Burton) #12

I wish there were more customers like you Heidi @Textiletreasure, I could do with a few who have a card addiction :smiley:

(Heidi Meier) #13

Ha ha - I’ve even decided to create a little binder, with plastic sleeves inside and then put inside them all the really lovely cards that I actually don’t want to give away, because they are such lovely designs in their own right! Trouble is, that’s going to make me buy more!! :smile:

(Claire Woodhead) #14

I think your designs would make wonderful greetings cards too. :smiley:

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(Grimm Exhibition) #15

How about notebooks and pencil cases. Your images are great and would appeal to kids, so maybe going for school related items may be an idea.

(Chelsea Carr) #16

Ha Ha I collect all sorts of things. My flatmate and my partners mum also collect cards. :slight_smile:

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(Chelsea Carr) #17

Thats a great idea. Thank you :slight_smile:

(James Alden) #18

Like you I am not rolling in money so something I would use,bags.

(Chelsea Carr) #19

Thank you :slight_smile: I think totes are definitely the way to go :slight_smile:

(Sarah Eves) #20

I have a candle addiction, but that’s not a practical suggestion :slight_smile: