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EBay dispute grrrrrr

(Joy Salt) #1

Way back in November I ordered a tshirt with wording / picture on it. Realised as I confirmed the order it was a different picture from the one I’d originally spotted in the shop. Bought, paid for the one I wanted and emailed seller next morning explaining, asking him to cancel.

No problem at all. He replied it would be cancelled and shortly afterwards Ebay informed me the seller had indeed cancelled it.
Some time later I realised that the cancelled Tshirt kept popping up for payment and I several times had to remove it from my payment. Too busy to take notice,

This morning an unpaid order was raised against me for non payment against a Tshirt order showing on the system as cancelled and for which I have all relevant emails about the cancellation. If I don’t pay or if the seller doesn’t mark it as paid (tricky as it isn’t paid and it is cancelled) it can escalate on Christmas Day to a Suspension.

Emailed seller - he said ignore it, it’s a system glitch.

One hour after starting, second attempt after 20 minute onhold this morning a call to Ebay (no email address to be found so phone only option) I am none the wiser. The unpaid order remains against my cancelled tshirt order so can be escalated to suspension. Customer Services haven’t a clue how to remove it except to say it will expire.

I have a 100% star rating with Ebay, never had any problem with anything before including a couple of order cancellations for similar reasons, all amicably sorted.

So I will never ever ever hear a single word of criticism against Folksy support even if they do something really dreadful ( :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: ) because whatever they do it can’t ever be worse than my Ebay customer services ‘experience’ today.

And… if I get banned from Ebay I will have a major problem getting my packaging etc supplies so here’s hoping I don’t get a nasty Christmas Day pressie …

PS: I must add that Folksy Support are always fantastic in case anyone reads this otherwise :smile:

(Liz Dyson) #2

What a pain the proverbial! I hope you get it all sorted out, but you could have done without the hassle, I’m sure.

(Sarah Lambert) #3

I find ebay very scary now. For some reason I’ve two items showing as not posted as there wasn’t an option to mark them as posted after the buyer wanted to collect in person and even though he didn’t in the end, I still couldn’t mark as dispatched for some weird reason. I guess technically he could say he didn’t receive them although he’s left feedback for them so guess this won’t happen (hopefully).

Sorry to hear about your problem, which after all is no fault of yours. How frustrating.

(Joy Salt) #4

I only use Ebay for private purchases and sales and I’ve never before had any problem and I’ve had 100s of transactions. Just the sort of aggravation nobody needs !

(Ronald Koorm) #5

It’s important you find some email address for them, or write to their head office, (recorded delivery), explaining your position. Things over the phone can be denied by them, but in writing it is more difficult to deny your position, and better protection for you.

The only problem I ever had with E bay, was a chap not paying for something he bid on of mine, but I quickly had my fees reimbursed through their semi-automatic recovery system. Problem was, I was not able to give any feedback on him, as Ebay quickly removed that option. So there are people out there with a poor track record, but don’t appear to be so online.

However, have found their global shipping process , where you just send to a central UK shipping place, at UK postage rates , is brilliant.

But am still cautious about using ALL large organisations, whether online or not.

(Claire Davis) #6

I got suspended from ebay a couple of months ago. I got the email the day before going on holiday, it said that based on purchase history and account details I was associated with another account which was a restricted one, and apparently it usually means it’s the same person. I had never heard of this other person and had never bought from, or sold to them. I spent the whole holiday with it nagging in the back of my mind because I didn’t know how I was going to be able to prove I wasn’t associated with someone! When I got back I did a bit of research and found all the typical horror stories about ebay never reinstating suspended accounts, having to go ‘stealth’ (!) etc. Had visions of hiving to write a complaint to head office, get Watchdog involved etc. Anyway, phoned up customer services, told the person what had happened, she put me on hold for 10 mintues, came back and said my account had been reinstated! I will never know what happened but was so relieved to have got my account back and think I must be one of the lucky ones!

I hope you get yours sorted soon, I rely on ebay a lot for various things and the thought of losing that was horrible! x x

(Donna) #7

The same thing has happened to me in reverse, I cancelled a transaction for a buyer but it’s still showing up as an unpaid item. I hope I still get the final value fees back on it!

(Joy Salt) #8


I wrote back to the seller and asked if he could do anything to sort it as he obviously hadn’t deliberately raised the unpaid order.
This morning I received an email from him :smile:

Hi there, I haven’t manually opened a case for years! I use ebay’s own ‘unpaid item assistant’ which automatically opens cases after a certain period of time for unpaid orders. This is the first time a case has been opened for a cancelled order, I’m not sure how it’s even possible.

The only option showing for this order in the resolution section is to escalate, this will close the case but also add a strike to your account, I’m assuming ebay support didn’t mention that.

I can leave it to expire as I previously said, but I’ll try to manually mark the item as paid. I don’t know if it will work for a cancelled order but it’s the only way I can see of closing a case without a strike going on your account.

I checked the Ebay Resolution Centre and the unpaid thing had gone, the tshirt is no longer asking for payment and there was a message from Ebay (which for some reason had not been sent to my email account

Hello Joy,

Thanks for your payment. The unpaid item case for T-SHIRT has been closed, and an unpaid item won’t be recorded on your account.

That really is quite a relief but why it happened I have no idea,
Next time I order by mistake I’m going to pay, let it arrive then send it back for a refund. Quicker and less hassle !