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This bank holiday weekend you can fill your Folksy shop for free! Starting at 6pm on friday 27th May - ends midnight on Monday!

The last one before Christmas was really successful in attracting new sellers to the site.

All the details are in this post - please can you share the post to encourage lots of new shops to come and join us on Folksy! New shops bring new interest to the site from new buyers and thatโ€™s good for everyone here.

Enjoy your free listings and your bank holiday - I hope itโ€™s lovely and sunny wherever you all are (great for taking some good pics of your work!)

Here are some images you can use to help us share the event and ensure no one misses out!


Remember you can make draft listings in advance!

Simply make the listing as you normally would but click away before posting and it will go into your drafts.


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Fab - thank you!!

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Does that include renewing expired listings? Thanks!

Yes - you wont be charged for any listing between 6pm this evening and 11.59pm on Monday :slight_smile:

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How exciting! A great incentive for me to kick start my empty shop back into life!

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great! Look forward to seeing all the new items :clap:

How long do the listings last forโ€ฆuntil Monday deadline?

They last 4 months as with all usual listings :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Hello, I just tried to re-list but itโ€™s still showing the 15p price per item. Please advise.

Done my 20 free listing etc already so Iโ€™m now sat back and waiting for the sales to come rolloing in.


There was a weird glitch for some users Kaye, but it should be ironed out now. Let us know if not.

Thank you. Iโ€™m now crease-free! :slight_smile:

Pheweee - very happy youโ€™re now creas-free! It was something to do with negative listings left over from apparently. But Doug rushed in like the hero he is :wink:

@folksycontent I have just emailed support as I too have had a glitch. I started listing at 6.20pm but now Iโ€™ve looked at my unbilled fees page and I have been charged for 3 listings because the time shown for the listings was one hour previous at 5.20pm. Iโ€™ve just made another listing at 8.12pm and itโ€™s showing as 7.12pm on the unbilled listings. Can you help please?

I listed 4 items shortly after 6pm, which I havenโ€™t been charged for. Prior to listing I had a note at the top of my dashboard telling me I had 20 free listings. Iโ€™ve just checked my bill and Iโ€™ve git 4 of these for today:

27 May 2016 17:05 ยฃ0.00

If you go to your dashboard do you get a notification of free listings available?

Hi @HartAndCraft, Yes, it says I have 19 free available. The ones I listed between 6-7pm are charged at 15p and the first listing is showing as 27 May 2016 17:20 ยฃ0.15. Itโ€™s not until my listing after 7pm that it is free. :frowning:

@AppleQueenJewellery weโ€™ll take a look and make sure you get the full 20 for free after 6pm - we can amend your bill on yuesday if youโ€™ve been incorrectly charged for any.